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Higher quality product. Higher levels of customer service. At Oklahoma’s finest cannabis growing facility, you can expect access to the most knowledgeable team and most unique products.
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About Our Marijuana Growers

When your dispensary partners with Smokey Okie’s Cannabis, you’ll experience the freshest and most distinctive strains of cannabis in Oklahoma. We are located in Spencer, selling to and servicing dispensaries across the state, including those in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman and all the surrounding areas. We are your reliable source for wholesale medical marijuana.

Our Cannabis Products

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Sherbet Cookies

Red Runtz

Tropical Runtz

Lilac Diesel

Apple Tartz

Big Drip

What Makes Our Oklahoma Marijuana Growers Different


Top-notch Products

Each one of our plants receives human attention every single day. We believe in automation, but we also believe that every plant needs personal attention from actual people. We have very strict operating procedures to ensure cleanliness of our facility and our product. We provide wholesale flower and trim to dispensaries and processors in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.

Unbridled Service

Every day, it’s our goal to grow and cultivate our client relationships. We serve our customers with pride and prompt action, available when you need us, easy to reach and always friendly. We are open. We are transparent. And we are at your service.

Next-level growing practices

At Smokey Okies’s, we grow indoor, hydroponic cannabis using coco coir. This protects our plants from pests and elements, along with a variety of other benefits. Hydroponic marijuana smokes clean, has a fresh taste and an optimized THC content.


Thought leadership

We know how to grow, and we love sharing our knowledge and new growing developments with our Smokey Okie’s community. Be sure to follow along on Instagram and sign up for our newsletter below.

Cutting Edge Strains

From classic strains and flowers to seasonal and limited editions, we aim to surprise and delight our clients and their customers with the newest innovations, flavors and growing methods. Check out our ever-changing menu.


The Freshest Cuts

While some wholesale suppliers harvest less frequently and allow their product to sit and age. Smokey Okie’s harvests weekly and has ongoing daily operations to maintain your dispensary’s supply of the freshest and trendiest products for your consumers.

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