In this series, we document the process of subjecting a small cannabis seedling to 12/12 light cycle. Our goals were to preserve this knowledge and insight for future growers like you.

The objectives were the following:

  • to see how big a marijuana plant will get without a normal vegetative cycle,
  • To see how much bud could be yielded, and
  • Whether the quality of the bud would be affected.

In this first video, we show you our seedlings 5 days after being planted. On Day 5, we are about an inch above the dirt. We will wait just a little longer before putting these seedlings under 12/12 lighting.

Is it possible to begin the flowering period from a sprouted seed using the 12/12 light cycle?

We are fascinated by this question, and we wanted to know for ourselves. We have never tried this before, but we do get asked this question rather frequently online. It seems like we are not the only ones curious about putting a red solo cup under 12/12 lighting.

Therefore, we have decided to conduct this experiment and document the process with pictures and video.

A Week by Week Series on flowering marijuana seedlings under 12/12 lighting

This series of blog articles will document the process of skipping a proper vegetative period and going straight to 12/12 lighting from seed.

How we conducted this experiment: Planting, Sprouting, Pot Size, & Lighting

To conduct this experiment, we first started with some regular seeds. To sprout the seed, we used the paper towel method.

If you’ve never used this method, it basically entails dampening a paper towel, putting the seed in the middle and folding it over. You then place the wet paper towel in some Tupperware, put a lid on it, and put it in a drawer. Come back a day or so later, and check to see if the seed has sprouted a tail.

Using a Red Solo Cup as our pot

We grow in coco coir, and for this experiment, we also used coco. We used 16 ounce plastic cups as our pots and filled them with coco.

How long before using the 12/12 light cycle

In this video, we are on Day 5 of these seedlings. They are only about one to two inches tall. We are going to let them grow under fluorescent veg lighting on an 18/6 light schedule for another week before putting them under our Agnetix LED lights on a 12/12 schedule.

Next episode: Check out Episode 2 as we continue this experiment of growing weed in a red solo cup.


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