In this series, we document the process of subjecting a small cannabis seedling to 12/12 light cycle. Our goals were to preserve this knowledge and insight for future growers like you.

In Part 1, we showed you our seedlings 5 days after planting them. They had just began to push above the dirt.

In this video, we show you those same seedlings after another week of growth. At this point, they are 12 days old and have formed their uniform fan leaf pattern. We plant to keep them in veg for another week before flipping the light cycle.

Our experiment to use 12/12 lighting from Seed

We pay attention to search analytics, and we noticed something. We have been getting inquiries from the search engines for queries like “12/12 from seed.” We found that to be quite interesting, to say the least.

It makes sense why there would be interest in flowering young seedlings. For the grower in a hurry, or just those of us who are impatient, the entire grow cycle can seem like it takes forever. How nice would it be to plant a seed, and then once it’s above the dirt, to get some weed out of it in 60 days?!

For those who really want to get some weed quickly from seed, there are autoflowers. Autoflowers are seeds that will flower regardless of light cycle. Once you plant them, you are on your way to getting flower.

Those in the commercial sector also ask these sorts of questions. Can you go with a strategy like “sea of green” whereby you have many, many very small plants. Is it more advantageous than maintaining larger plants? Does the total yield amount differ?

In the world of cultivation, there are endless amounts of questions like this that could keep a team of scientists busy for a lifetime.  However, we are just some simple Okies looking to have fun and answer this question for our own curiosity (and those of our readers): can we flower a seedling in a red solo cup?

How we conducted our “12/12 from seed” experiment?

For this experiment, we took about a half dozen seeds and sprouted them using the paper towel method. After they sprouted tails, we placed them in red solo cups with coco coir inside. We fed them water with basic veg nutrients.

How old are these seedlings?

In this video, these seedlings are 12 days old. This is our second week in the veg room, under 18/6 lighting. Last week, we planted the seeds, and shot a video of them at day 5. We are going to give them another week in the veg room before moving them to a flower room.

Why are we waiting another week to put them under 12/12 lighting?

While we could put these 12-day old seedlings under 12/12 lighting right now, we want to wait just a little bit more, to get these plants just a little taller. We already have concerns about these tiny little plants supporting buds and colas. So we want to get a few more inches of vertical growth before switching to 12/12 lighting.

What strains did we plant for this experiment?

We had some leftover seeds from Sin City Seeds that we chose to grab. The strains ended up being Rainbows at Night, Cartwheels, and Hard Cider.

These are all regular seeds, so we could get some males as well as females. We will just have to see!

Next episode: Check out Episode 3 when we move them out of the veg room and into a flower room.


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