A, B, C…

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Despite it’s name, this strain is not child’s play. This one is for the grown and sexy, guaranteed to leave your body and your taste buds more than pleased. Let’s dip into the alphabet and learn a bit about the ABCs.

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The Lineage of ABC’s weed strain: Apples & Bananas x CherryWanna

Bulletproof Genetics sent us these seeds, Apples & Bananas x CherryWanna. We’re currently running a number of CherryWanna crosses from them, but this one in particular caught our eye, because of its mate.

Apples & Bananas from Compound Genetics is all the rage right now, and for good reason. Quite the balanced hybrid, it’s the child of Blue Power and Gelatti and is known to make its users feel happy, uplifted and engaged with a sense of euphoria.

CherryWanna is a strain we have grown before. It checks all the boxes for us:

  • Huge plant which results in a huge yield;
  • Frosty plant, throwing trichs way out onto the leaf (makes for good trim, which makes good concentrates);
  • High THC and high terps on the labs (because you gotta have that lab paperwork to convince the dispensary managers who can’t tell with their nose)
  • Fat, chunky nugs that stand out due to size alone.

Bulletproof Genetics created CherryWanna close to a decade ago and now use it to breed new strains, ABC’s being the latest.

Strain Review: ABC’s weed strain

ABCs is an incredibly beautiful plant through and through. On the plant it’s full of rich purple fan leaves with dark green veins coursing through its stems.

The bud is astonishingly pleasant with its forest green calyxes and patches of bright green gradients. Covered in deep purple patterns that make this strain seem otherworldly.

Be careful when handling due to its extreme coverage of trichomes. Ultimately this plant is quite the experience through every aspect of its life.

Aroma of ABC’s strain

Because both of its parent strains have similar profiles, you can expect the same great aromas from ABC’s.

This phenotype we pulled has a heavy overtone of nutty bananas that are complimented by a creamy and kushy undertone. When you put ABC’s through the grinder, you will experience a fuel coated banana aroma that draws the user in.

Flavor of ABC’s strain

It’s always a pleasure when we get strains that taste truly as its namesake fruit. ABC’s has a dominating banana flavor that almost intimidates the other flavors into submission. But if you pay close attention, you will absolutely sense facets of apple tart and hints of black cherry.

ABC’s almost has a banana foster taste with apples and cherries as the side dish. This strain will pair great with pretty much any sweet from your local bakery!

Effects of ABC’s weed strain

This strain is my new daily driver. It allows me to remain quite functional while giving me the ability to focus on my tasks.

ABC’s has some pain relieving properties, but we aren’t using it for that purpose. It’s a perfect sidekick for those mundane chores and errands you need to take care of without sacrificing clarity.

ABC’s does give you that tightness behind your eyes like some sativas. Fear not for this isn’t a debilitating feeling. For those that are held back by their anxiety or depression, this would be a phenomenal strain to get you on your feet and into the sun.

Functional, heady, slight pain relief, mood booster.


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