Welcome to a brand new series that will focus on the Runtz strains of marijuana. Right now, Runtz are extremely popular on the market and –love it or hate it–Runtz is having a moment. Runtz is a strain that marries well with many other strains and has a lot of potential for creating unique flavors and highs. It’s got a high THC level, a crowd-pleasing flavor and is as versatile a variety of marijuana as they come.

Specifically, this series will look at various aspects of the Runtz strain, including:

  • The lineage of Runtz
  • Why Runtz is So Popular
  • All About Runtz at Smokey Okie’s
  • Tips for Growing Runtz

Let’s tease out what to expect in the coming months in regard to this series.

The lineage of Runtz marijuana strains

Also referred to as Runtz OG, it’s a rare hybrid that was originally developed by Cookies Genetics. Cookies has created some other strains that have lended to Runtz, including the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies, which is still a highly sought-after strain. The lineage of Runtz combines Zkittles and Gelato and brings with it terpenes that deliver a sweet-sugary distinct flavor profile. It’s like citrus and candy meets a woody depth that satisfies novice and seasoned smokers alike.

Why Runtz is So Popular

Runtz was named Leafly’s Strain of the Year in 2020 and is poised to remain at the forefront for 2021, as well. From the popularity of the original breeder to the sweet candy flavor, Runtz has taken the market by storm over the past 18 months. And beyond the flavor, Runtz has a high that leaves smokers feeling relaxed and helps relieve anxiety and insomnia, two struggles that many folks have say have gotten worse with the dawn of COVID-19. 63% of people living with depression and/or anxiety have reported having worse or much worse symptoms since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.[1] Further, the Cleveland Clinic has stated that “stress-related insomnia due to COVID-19 is definitely a thing, and it even has a name: coronasomnia”. [2] It makes sense why a happy flavor and a marijuana that can help alleviate stress would win the 2020 Strain of the Year award.

All About Runtz at Smokey Okie’s

At Smokey Okie’s we are particularly proud of the Runtz variations that we carry. And not only that, we guarantee that when you purchase your Runtz from Smokey Okie’s at an Oklahoma dispensary, you will be getting a quality product. When a strain is as popular as Runtz, there are bound to be knock-offs, strains grown from clones of questionable origin that were not actually from the original Runtz mom.

At Smokey Okie’s, all of our Runtz crosses were purchased from reputable breeders, established in the breeding community, such as Exotic Genetics and Clearwater Genetics. We grow these strains in the best way possible in order to ensure that you will get the Runtz flavors you seek and the high you’re looking for.

We carry a variety of Runtz strains, including: Tropical Runtz, Knockout Runtz, RedPop Runtz, Greasy Runtz, and Apple Tartz. Check out the strain review video below to get a firsthand account of Tropical Runtz:

Tips for Growing Runtz

No strain of marijuana is the same, so if you are going to attempt to grow a Runtz strain, you will want to know all you can about the Runtz specific grow tendencies. From the flower time and height, to the way the trichomes grow, Runtz has specific needs. We can help you learn how to optimize this process to get your highest yield. We are here to provide tips and tricks to find success and elaborate on how we grow our Runtz to be as high-quality as they are.

Check Out All Our Strains of Runtz

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[1] COVID-19 Has Made Managing Anxiety and Depression Harder – GoodRx

[2] Coronasomnia: Dealing with Covid Insomnia – Cleveland Clinicv


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