Tasting like the famous dessert straight  out of the 1960s, this strain is a reminder that all great things are figments of the past.  Angel’s Delight is not only a strain that is supremely easy on the palette, it is holistically viable as a tool for pain mitigation.

Created by the talented 707 Seedbank, whom has a place in the Cannabible 3 and has won multiple CGWA Cup awards, Angel’s Delight is truly a blessing. Before we dip into the eclectic profile of Angels Delight, let’s take a look at its parent strains.

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The Lineage of Angel’s Delight: Do Si Do x Kush Cleaner

Do Si Do is a household name in the world of cannabis. Known for its sedating and pain relieving traits, any strain with Do Si Do in its lineage is almost guaranteed to give you a couch-lock experience. At first, a cerebral high ensues followed by a tingly relaxation that works it’s way through the spine. Do Si Do is truly a hero in the world of holistic medicine.

Kush Cleaner is another creation by 707 Seedbank. Kush Cleaner is a potent hybrid that is known to knock even the most veteran of users on their butt. With Kush cleaner being a hybrid, it dips into both the indices and sativa realm pretty extremely. Almost instantly after the exhale, a cerebral rush of energy permeates your head. This is followed by a mellow sedation that relaxes your muscles..  Excellent for those who suffer from chronic pain, cramps and depression!

What does the Angel’s Delight cannabis strain smell like?

In the bag we get an elegant facet of vanilla and kush that comes together exquisitely. Strains with these traits as the forefront are far and few in between, so I’m excited to experience this in a strain that’s done supremely well. After we put it through the grinder, a potent undertone of lemons and candy make themselves known. Angels Delight truly smells like it’s namesake with its combination of creamy and astringent aromas, making it a distinguished competitor in the world of cannabis.

The Sweet Flavor of the Angel’s Delight strain

If there was ever a strain that tastes like it was a dessert cooked by Gordon Ramsay, Angels Delight is the one. It’s full of sweet, creamy and delightfully earthy tones. As you smoke it, it’s like a dessert that’s straight out of a Michelin kitchen is brought to you fresh. You could easily pair this with your favorite ice cream or any other dessert really! Smoking a bowl of Angeles Delight will most certainly give you that appetite!

the Effects of smoking the Angel’s Delight strain

Being an advocate for cannabis being used for holistic purposes before pure enjoyment, Angels Delight brings the true spirit of that to the universe of cannabis. Being a child of Do Si Do, it carries potent pain relieving properties. Another trait I enjoy from Angels Delight is it’s balancing euphoria it brings shortly after the relaxation sets in. Kush Cleaner enforces the effects with its equally balanced traits. So, what happens when you bring in two supremely potent hybrids? The answer should be Angels Delight nine times out of ten.


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