This strain is as loud as its name. Bazinga equates to super citrus, gassy funk. The nugs are a beautiful lime green, and the nose is so noxious it’s intoxicating.


Then let’s dive into this super sativa.

The lineage of Bazinga strain

There is a small outfit in Colorado known as Rocky Mountain High 719, their name itself a salute the heritage of Colorado cannabis.

Upon information and belief, they created the Bazinga strain by crossing Orange Flambe and Romula.

We sourced our cut of Bazinga from BeLeaf Cannabis, who pheno hunted, selected and sold us the clone in 2021. Accordingly, he is our source of information regarding the genetics and origin of this strain.

The Flavor, Aroma, and terpene profile of Bazinga

Bazinga is loud. I mean really loud. And we are no stranger to these sorts of strains. If I had to compare Bazinga to other strains we’ve grown, I would certainly have to mention Chernobyl by Subcool and XXX by Ethos Genetics, and perhaps even Hot Mess by Twenty-20. All of these have a very comparable nose.

With an ultra bright nose, reeking of citrus odors, Bazinga is a kick to your nostrils. But it’s not all lemon lime zest, because a moment later, there is some dank funk. Some gas in your fruit basket.

When we examine the dominate terpenes, we get a better understanding of where some of these aromas are coming from.

Dominant Terpenes:

  • Terpinolene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Nerolidol
  • Limonene

Ah, now it makes sense. The Terpinolene supplies us with those gas fumes we get in the end, while the Limonene and Nerolidol engage to create the bright citrus overtones that dominate the experience.

Nerolidol is a floral terpene that can create both earthy and citrus tones, and is known to have medical benefits such stress reduction and reduced blood pressure.

What it’s like to smoke the Bazinga strain

This strain is all sativa in more ways than one. It’s growth structure is tall and wild. It must be controlled or it will control your garden. And the high is all go.

Keep on smoking it though, and the nerolidol will eventually settle you down.

For a fun day time smoke, this is perfect for riding your motorcycle or bicycle on a hot summer day, hanging out at the swimming pool, or other active day time adventures.

We discontinued growing this strain in January 2022.


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