Bred by 42 wanted to see what we could do with their BCP, so they sent us a pack and we went all out. What we found was BCP is more than capable of producing impressive female plants that are all around enticing. This is what we’ve accomplished with 42’s Black Cherry Poundcake.

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Black Cherry Poundcake

The lineage of Bred by 42’s Black Cherry Poundcake is ((Pound Cake x Citrus City OG) x Citrus City OG F1).

Our pheno yielded large buds that are a bit more dense than expected. Black Cherry Poundcake has bright green calyxes with a dark green gradient deep in the bracts. It has a medium resin yield that leaves the fingers a bit sticky.

The Aroma

Black Cherry Poundcake has a potent dark cherry smell with a facet of tart berries. It has a warm sweet and creamy undertone that is calming as its aroma engages the air. It’s smell is reminiscent of s fresh cherry pie with whipped cream.

Flavor of this strain

Black Cherry Poundcake tastes like a cherry pie mix with a Black Forest Sundae. With its creamy undertones and its rich cherry overtones, this is a perfect dessert strain. Most excellent when paired with creamy drinks like coffee or tea!

The Effects of smoking Black Cherry Poundcake

Black Cherry Poundcake is an excellent indica leaning hybrid. It gives you the relaxing and pain relieving effects while allowing you to meander around home doing your chores. Although quite relaxing, this doesn’t fully out you to sleep or leave you couch-locked.



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