We know Sin City Seeds pumps out absolute fire (check out Rainbows at Night!).  So when we heard this strain was coming through our grow we became quite enthusiastic.

Sin City Seeds has 20+ years experience and over 250 strains uniquely cultivated behind their doors. Knowing this, we are certain that this Blueberry Tartz will be bring a giggly smile to enthusiasts face.

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Lineage of Blueberry Tartz marijuana strain

Sin City Seeds created Blueberry Tartz by crossing Zkittlez and Blue Power.  Before we dive into what makes Blueberry Tartz so incredible, let’s learn a bit about its legendary parent strains.

Zkittlez is a household strain that everyone loves.  Created by crossing Grape Ape and Grapefruit. There are rumors of Green Cookies also being in the lineage, but we will never know for certain. The indica/sativa ratio varies depending on which phenotype the grower pulls. Places first for best indica at the 2015 Cannabis Cup in San Francisco. Zkittlez has a sweet berry taste with an afterthought of citrus and tropical fruit.

Blue Power  is a crossroads of Sour Double x Master Kush x The White and Blue Moonshine. This insane crossing delivers users a potent high that leave them feeling giggly, happy and uplifted with a side of sedation towards the end. With effects like this, we recommend Blue Power for those who suffer from chronic pain, appetite loss and depression.

Blueberry Tartz Cannabis Strain Review

Blueberry Tartz is quite the specimen to evaluate visually. It appeals to you with bright green leaves and an orangish amber pistil coverage. I mean there are hairs EVERYWHERE. The trichome coverage is quite dense and extends to its fan leaves more than graciously. The

Aroma of Blueberry Tartz strain

This is a strain that will almost overwhelm the room with its presence.

It has sharp tones of blueberry that seem to dominate the aromatic profile.  This aroma is coupled with facets of sweet cream and a ripe plum.  After you grind it up, you obtain a kushy overtone seemingly out of nowhere.

This doesn’t smell like your typical blueberry Pop-Tart. To match this aroma, you would need to go to an Italian bakery!

Flavor of Blueberry Tartz strain

Blueberry Tartz has an insanely delicious flavor to it. The flavor almost distinctly matched its aroma.

On a dry inhale you will notice a doughy blueberry taste. Once you light her up and pull on it, a more profound flavor comes into play. This is the tropical flavor that the strain Zkittlez offers up. This is followed by almost an artificial blueberry taste that is coupled with a facet of straight kush.

This strain would pair extremely well with a nice fruity mixed drink or perhaps a bowl of your favorite fruit!

Blueberry Tartz Weed Strain Effects

The effects that Blueberry Tartz offers could be used both recreationally and medicinally.

It has this powerful euphoric feeling that sets in a bit early on. This is followed by a relaxing sensation that sweeps through your entire body. This feeling doesn’t quite make you sleepy yet. You will feel nice and relaxed while riding a euphoric high, and then… well then you’ll be catching z’s fairly late in your session.

I typically use this strain for when I want to wind down for the night, but not immediately.  Meant for nights that you want to have fun but you also have to get to bed at a descent time!

I think this strain will be excellent for anxiety, depression and insomnia!


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