This series on Budtender Training is all about helping budtenders and dispensary managers be more successful with their customers. If your customers are happy, then your work environment will be better, your store will be more successful, and everyone wins, both the business and the customer.

This lesson is about Information Selling.

Creating a Formal Sales Process: the key for successful Dispensaries

Running a dispensary is both a fun and exciting business, since this is an industry we all love: Cannabis! But at the same time, this industry is like any other in that we have to provide excellent customer service, and we have to compete against other businesses.

From a consumer perspective, purchasing retail cannabis is really no different than purchasing any other consumer goods.

Consumers want these things in a shopping experience:

  1. To solve a problem
  2. Information about the product (does it solve my problem?)
  3. Ease of purchase
  4. Convenience

Discovery: The First part of selling is discovering what your customer wants

Every customer first starts with a “problem.” For example, “I’m hungry” is a problem that leads to shopping for nearby food to eat.

In cannabis, the customer’s “problem” could be a particular medical need, such as “I have migraines.”

However, the most common “problems” are very simple things:

  • “I want to get high”
  • “I want strong weed”
  • “I want weed that smells good”
  • “I want weed that looks pretty”
  • “I want weed that will impress my friends at a party this weekend”
  • “I want weed that will help me sleep”
  • “I like X strain, I want something similar”

This list could go on forever, but you see the point. A “problem” is not necessarily some complex thing. It is often something very, very simple.

The budtender’s job is to:

  1. Politely ask questions in an effort to gain information,
  2. Then you can then provide recommendations on what to buy.

The Importance of Providing Information to Your Customers

After you’ve conversed with the customer, you now have a better idea about what they really want (sometimes you may have to read between the lines).

Now you start providing suggestions. However, you more information you can provide about a suggested product, the more helpful you will be to the customer.

This is a foundational rule about consumers and shopping behavior:

  • Consumers want information before buying.

If you provide information to a customer about a product, you make it easier for the customer to decide whether to buy. If the customer is thinking about buying the product, more information will create more confidence in the purchase. The more confident and secure the customer feels about the purchase, the more likely they are to buy.

Use Written Materials to help build credibility and drive comprehension

While you are providing information to your customers verbally, you should also present written materials. This could include posters, brochures, pamphelts, or note cards. It could even include showing videos or website information.

Using written materials will increase trust and credibility. Written materials also make it easier to share important information that you may forget.

When you show written materials to a customer, that customer now has something to touch, feel, read, and ponder while he or she also listens to you. This is a powerful combination, and this tactic is used in professional sales across many industries. You must adopt this tactic for cannabis sales.


The take-ways from this lesson are:

  1. Greet your customer, knowing he/she has something in mind (small problem or big problem) while shopping
  2. Discovery: engage in polite conversation, asking questions so you can better understand what they have in mind
  3. Provide Information about products that relate to the answers they’ve provided you
  4. Use Written Materials while you provide information to build credibility and trust with the customer.

Information is Key. The more information you can provide a customer about a product, the more confident you will feel while talking to the customer, and the more confident the customer will feel talking to you while shopping.

Information, information, information.

Our job at Smokey Okies Cannabis is to arm you with the information you need to be the most successful budtender on the sales floor. Continue reading these articles and you will have a thorough understanding about our flower and concentrates, and how to sell these products to your customers.


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