You are the front lines of the industry. Everything that we do as growers and processors stops once we deliver product to your store. From there, we pass the torch to you, so that you may carry it forward to the customers.

The problem is that most growers and processors do have much of a torch to pass. They never did much of a good job to promote the product or educate the budtender to begin with. But we are not them.

We want to help you!

We want to partner with you, since you get to talk to the most important people in this industry: the customers!

Budtenders are the Voice of the Cannabis Industry

You speak for all of us. While we are at the farm growing, you are in the store talking. And what you do is critically important.

We first want to thank you for what you do. You talk to cannabis consumers every single day. You answer their questions, you try to guide them toward the right product. In sum, you try to help people every day.

And often you have to deal with people in bad moods, on their daily commute to or from work or school. People are stressed and frantic. They also don’t know that much about cannabis.

Unlike you, a person in the industry, the average person knows very little about cannabis. But it’s very embarrassing for some to admit that, given how passionate they are about cannabis.

Budtenders can be helpful by providing information

You can be the hero. You can help educate customers about all of these strains without making them feel stupid. If you can do that, they will love you, and you will become a valuable resource to your store, and to your local customer base.

  • Recognize that the person in your store may not know that much.
  • Don’t try to point this out. Just try to provide more information.
  • Ask questions to better understand their interests and desires
  • Make suggestions that align with those interestes/desires
  • Use information to build your credibility and their confidence in your suggestion

First, Become an Expert about the Product

The first step is that you must become very familiar with the products you carry. In order to help you, we have created these online resources. We also have written materials that our sales reps will deliver to your store.

  • We have an entire Strain Catalogue that you can browse, and we encourage you to do so.
  • We recommend to read the strain review for any strain that we have in your store.
  • Review the Promo Materials that are delivered to your store
  • Continue reading and reviewing through our Budtender Training series.

Next, Ask Questions. We are here to help!

We know you will dive in and read all of this. But you may still have questions. That is okay!

We are here to help. Any time you have a question, call your sales rep or send us an email. We want to answer any question you have about our products.


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