This segment is very important. It is all about building trust with customers by providing transparency about the origin of the flower.

This is a very important topic in Oklahoma, because of cannabis flower is shrouded in mystery.

Let’s unpack this and come up with a way to talk about it with your customers. Your customers will appreciate the transparency, and treat you as an authority.

In Oklahoma, Consumers do not know where Cannabis Flower comes from

This is sad but true. If the headline is vague, please allow me to explain.

While customers know that flower was grown, by someone, somewhere, they often don’t know the Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

Oklahoma Cannabis Consumers are surprisingly ignorant about flower and its origin… but it’s not their fault. It actually should be no surprise when you take a look at the current dispensary scene in Oklahoma.

Big Problem: Lack of Transparency in Oklahoma

There is a huge problem of lack of transparency in the flower market. We will look at several reasons why.

1) Oklahoma Dispensaries sell unlabeled, unbranded flower

In Oklahoma, most flower is displayed in unmarked jars. Other than the name of the strain, there is no other information in most stores.

We’ve already discussed the importance of information in building consumer trust in the product. But with so little information about the flower on the shelf, most customers just don’t trust it. Therefore, they want the cheapest flower, since it is all equally suspicious.

Why is flower unbranded? Well, most growers lack a brand to even display. Most growers do not have a logo or a label to put on the jars. After years and years of this, Oklahoma customers have come to expect a wall of jars with no information other than the strain name.

Many growers also do not offer pre-packaging, which is another way of communicating directly with customers. Customers come to know the brands they love in the edibles market, as well as the concentrate market. But with flower, they have no package to identify their favorite grower.

2) Distributors and Brokers sell unmarked, unbranded flower to Dispensaries

Another aspect of the Oklahoma market is that many farms sell to brokers. However, unlike in California or other states where the grower pre-packages the flower before selling to a distributor, Oklahoma farms sell flower in bulk to these third-parties.

The end result is that the broker/distributor will deliver a turkey bag of flower to a dispensary. Sure, there will be a legal manifest. But the dispensary budtender will usually not know who the grower was. Other than a manifest with XYZ, Inc., there is no clear communication about who the grower was.

3) Oklahoma Customers Do Not Know who grows their favorite bud

Because of the reasons outlined above, customers in Oklahoma generally have no idea who grows the weed they smoke.

Some customers think the dispensaries grow the weed. Many customers have no idea that the jars on the shelf come from dozens of different growers.

Problems with Lack of Information about the Grower

When customers do not have information, they will have decreased confidence in purchasing. Customers with less information will have more reason to be cautious or suspicious.

All of this stops sales or interferes with sales. If customers are suspicious, they will not spend as much money in your store as if they were confident and informed.

Benefits of Smokey Okies Cannabis: Transparency

The benefit to carrying flower from Smokey Okies is that we provide transparency in everything that we do.

By attaching our labels to your jars or carrying our Pre-Packaged flower or pre-rolls, the customer can see “who” grew the weed they are about to smoke.

Unlike the celebrity brands, we are personally involved in every aspect of cultivation. We grow it, we smoke it, and we are confident when we sell it to you.

Here is a list of reasons why it is important to provide information about origin to your customers:

  1. Who: This flower was grown by Smokey Okies Cannabis, a socially responsible local grower.
  2. What: This flower was grown indoors, in an environmentally sustainable medium (Coco-Coir)
  3. When: Our Date of Harvest is always printed on every wholesale package. Unlike purchasing from a distributor, you can go directly to us with your questions about dates, harvest batches, anything you want to know, we can provide.
  4. Where: Our 20,000 square foot facility is located in Oklahoma City. We offer budtender tours and we keep this place very clean and tidy all year round.
  5. Why: We love cannabis, and we are passionate about all the cool genetics and potential this plant has. We also are fun-loving and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We are the fun brand that is here to bring premium, Oklahoma-grown cannabis to our fellow Okies!

By carrying our flower in your store, you are able to provide real transparency. Not just a legal chain of custody (which is not helpful to a consumer making a purchasing decision).

With Smokey Okies Cannabis, you can explain everything to the customer about how our flower is grown, where it comes from, how we grow it, and all about the strains and lineage.


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