This is Part 5 of our Oklahoma Budtender Training series.

Watch Part 4 to learn about history of landraces.

Continuing our discussion about genetics, in this segment we talk about the origin of today’s popular strains, and how many of them can be traced directly back to certain notable landrace crosses.

Most of today’s popular strains can be traced back to a handful of parents — other modern strains — that were created with landraces.

Examples include OG Kush and GSC or “cookies.” Both of these strains were created by cross-breeding with historic landraces. And both of these strains later became the genesis of today’s most popular strains.

Become an information resource by understanding cannabis genetics

You do not need to know every parent of every strain. Instead, focus on the bigger picture. So long as you grasp these concepts, you will be able to better comprehend the lineage of the strains in your store, as you learn about them.

You will also be leaps and bounds ahead of most of the industry’s budtenders. And this will make you an information resource. If you can become a trusted source of information to you customers, you will become incredibly valuable to your local community. Your sales will go up, and so will your own personal success.



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