Welcome, my friends. We are glad to have to as part of our tribe!

If you are here, it is because you have chosen to be different from all of the other budtenders in the cannabis industry. You are here because you want to be more knowledgeable about flower. And you want to be better at helping your customers.

Perhaps you’ve been disappointed with growers and processors who don’t do much more than drop off a bag at your store and expect you to sell it. That is not how we play!

We want to be partners with you. You are the face the customer sees and you are the authority on all of the products in your store. We want to work with you, and help you know everything you can about Smokey Okies Cannabis. We know you also crave information about cannabis. We are both in this industry because we are passionate.

We created this guide to help you talk to customers about Smokey Okies Cannabis.

Part 1: Information Selling

These articles explain the importance of information. Customers want to know about the grower and about the products, the strains, the processes. The more information you provide, the more trust you build with your customer.

Part 2: Understanding Cannabis Genetics

Now that you know the importance of providing information to customers about the flower, let’s dive into education on cannabis genetics.

  • Where strains come from: Landraces and original cannabis
  • Creating new strains through breeding

Part 3: How to Judge the Quality of Cannabis Flower

This segment is all about how to choose the best bud for your customer. Instead of having customers shop based on THC percentage, use these guides to help educate them and sell your top shelf flower instead of bottom shelf.

Part 4: All About Packaging

  • The Benefits of Pre-Packaged Flower

Part 5: All about our Pre-Rolls

Part 6: Product Launches

This segment is here to assist you with maximizing the success of new strain drops and product launches

  • Coming soon
  • Coming soon
  • Coming soon

Bonus: How To Cultivate Cannabis Indoors

This segment is for those Budtenders that have a hunger for a deeper knowledge about cultivation. Or if you want to grow yourself, we support you! These articles will help you understand that process better

These Week-by-Week guides will provide you pictures and video of every week in the process:



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