Disclaimer: Although this may induce thoughts of you being an all-powerful dragon, we can assure you, that you are just high…

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The Lineage of Bulletproof Dragon: Whitemaster Stardawg x Dragon Stash

Bulletproof Dragon was brought to life by Bulletproof Genetics when they received the flagship male plant from Dragons Flame Genetics. This strain is one of the four Dragon Stash crosses we are growing from Bulletproof Genetics.

They were not messing around when they created this ganja monster. The parents of the Bulletproof Dragon strain are:

  • Mother: Whitemaster Stardawg (Stardawg x White Master Kush)
  • Father: Dragon Stash (Hard Dick Blues x (Orange OG x SR-71 PK))

First impression is how aesthetically pleasing it is to look at. The bracts have a uniformed density and give off this purple and green gradient! Here we will investigate the characteristics that made us want to bring this cultivar into our cabinet.

The Sweet, Sweet Aroma of Bulletproof Dragon

With Bulletproof Dragon, we are getting notes that seem to favor its male parent. The heavy blueberry and skunky aroma come mostly from the Dragon Stash lineage. Because Dragon Stash has a heavy blueberry phenotype throughout its entire lineage, it is not a mystery why we are pulling this aroma out of this pheno!

There are some earthy facets that come with this cultivar, but it is mostly a lingering flavor we get on the exhale. After we mill it, the blueberry aroma truly takes over the senses with the skunk backing it up. We even get that fruity smell from the smoke itself! Through and through, it’s the blueberry aroma that dominates the field of aroma. Knowing that, we can assume that this strain may have linalool and terpinolene in the testing!

Flavor profile: Blueberry Fields Forever

Blueberries have been coming up a lot in this article. We find it to be abundant in the flavor profile as well. The blueberry web of flavor encompasses the smaller facets of flavor we have here. We do notice undertones of sour skunk and an even lighter vanilla undertone. If we pay attention, our palette will pick up traces of lavender as well. I love this profile because it has flavors that are simple by themselves but create a complex palette when coupled together.

My favorite way to smoke this cultivar is via water bong. Compared to pipe, the water bong gives the flavor room to really show itself. Although not true with every cultivar, when cycled through water, it loses a bit of that earthy flavor we sometimes get with that skunky profile. I will always recommend you trying it via all mechanics to find what works best for you!

What it’s like to smoke Bulletproof Dragon: Mind Bending Effects!

An energetic haze that will make you feel comfortable doing  the things you would normally be slightly embarrassed to do in public. This cultivar gives off a sativa feeling that is quite euphoric in its own right. It gives you a strikingly visual experience that makes the most tedious things seem interesting. Your brain will be fulfilled with moments of clarity riding the coattail of this euphoric journey.

Energetic and uplifting with some pain relieving properties, this cultivar would be perfect for any artisan or athlete who needs that extra motivation!

Beware of the hazy comedown though… I thoroughly enjoyed it myself, but I can understand how it would be off-putting to those who aren’t expecting it. This comedown felt extremely relaxing as the euphoria dissipated. Perfect for those who need a boost of energy at the gym or in the field!

In Conclusion

We have gone over the characteristics that make this cultivar so enticing. From its ability to keep you motivated to its pain relieving properties. I’m not saying this is a “one size fits all”, but it is quite close to being so. You can accomplish almost anything depending on the dose! Be weary, smoking too much of this will send you into a giggle fit and inherently give you the munchies! I for one will be holding this in my cabinet of holistics for as long as possible!


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