Recently, we received an amazing gift in the mail. The masters at Bulletproof Genetics sent us a few dozen seeds of some new strains they had just finished breeding. They asked us to pheno hunt these seeds, find some winners, and publish the results. Umm, yes, please, and thank you!

We were super excited to hunt these new strains for their Tester Cup. So we took our seeds, put them in coco, and got to work!

This article will be a write up of this genetic collaboration and we will publish individual strain review for each of the keepers.

Collaboration of two talented breeders: Bulletproof Genetics x Dragons Flame Genetics

We love it when two strains from reputable breeders come together to create some absolute fire. The reason we are so excited to be a part of this pheno hunt is because these strains are a collaboration between Bulletproof Genetics and Dragon’s Flame Genetics. Both of these breeders have put in some grueling work to create their proprietary strains.

We are blessed with he opportunity to do a pheno-hunt on the following cultivars:

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The work that goes into Creating a New Cannabis Strain

Bringing a new cultivar to life is quite the intricate process. And getting it to market, and into the hands of you, the consumer, is an even longer process.

We know the amount of rigorous work that is put into doing this type of a project. Respect for the plant is a must. Additionally, you need to be diligent and prompt in documenting the process. With those two key points you have a simple recipe for success that you can as your cornerstone to build off.

Here is a little overview on how it works, and the two roles played by both the Breeder and the Grower.

The Breeder’s Objective: to Create new gene pool

First, the breeder selects the mother and father plants that have the traits they desire. Ideally, these would have been selected due to their resilience and ability to produce the traits you are after.

Next, the breeder will create a stable environment for these plants to mate with one another. Each plant has a stage where they are mature enough to take on this responsibility.

For males you will start to notice these bulbous sacs that show themselves where the nodes meet the stem. The sacs will fill with pollen and eventually burst. In doing so, the female plant will accept the pollen through the pistils grown between the nodes of the stems.

The female will then produce seeds with the genetics from both mother and father! This is how a new strain is created.

The Grower’s Job: Finding the Best Pheno out of the new seeds

But these seeds will yield many different variations of this new strain – different brothers and sisters, if you will. The breeder’s job is to create seeds of this new strain with potential to carry certain desired traits from its parents, along with new ones.

The grower’s job is to put those seeds in the dirt and search for the traits we want for our final product. When we find what we’re looking for, we select that pheno and turn it into a mother plant so we can recreate the process over and over again.

About the two Breeders involved in creating these new strains

These strains were created by combining a male-father from Dragon’s Flame and different females/mothers from Bulletproof Genetics.

About the Father: “Dragon Stash” by Dragons Flame Genetics

Dragons Flame Genetics from Hawaii, with their roots being in Oregon, uses a KNF technique that ensures pathogen resistant and mold hardy plants without sacrificing yield or potency . With their holistic approach we can expect nothing short of greatness. Dragons Flame Genetics keep it simple with sustainability whilst keeping waste to a minimum. This means whatever can be recycled back into the grow, will be. I am honestly in awe of their passion to keep the industry clean and green on their journey to create medicine for the masses.

That’s why we are so excited to have their male plant as the backbone to this collaboration.

Bulletproof Genetics: Creator of the Mother Strains

Bulletproof Genetics has an incredibly positive response from its clientele. We at Smokey Okies have loved their Tic Tax and Cherrywanna. They offer simplicity through their efficiency. With the ability to create grower friendly cultivars that harness dense flowers and big yields at harvest time, there is reason for their popularity.

We are excited to see each of their counterparts for this series we are conducting. The fact that they can bring boutique aesthetics to the medicinal aspect of cannabis is an art in itself.

Did I mention that Bulletproof Genetics has won multiple awards for their outstanding genetics? We love to see reputable genetics being rewarded for their ability to deliver a medicinal product to the patients.

Before you go!

The world deserves to witness the fruits of our labor. We strive to produce quality medicine with stable genetics. The fact we get to do this with a couple of our favorite Breeders adds to the fire that fuels our passion. We are extremely grateful we get to explore all these avenues with organically likeminded individuals.

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