If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own weed, now is the time. There are more varieties of marijuana seeds available online then ever before. That means that you have more strain  options for your garden.

This article will introduce you to the concept of buying seeds online. Here is our advice on what to look for when shopping marijuana seeds online.

Can you buy marijuana seeds online?  

Yes, you can. Buying seeds online is a common practice among both home growers and commercial growers. Among the many reasons why, convenience and ease of purchase are probably the primary drivers of online seed sales.

At Smokey Okies, we are launching an online seed bank and will offer an extensive catalogue of genetics in seed form.

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds online?

 Yes, it is legal to buy seeds online in the United States, with the exception of Kansas and Kentucky.

In 2018, the U.S. Congress legalized hemp and CBD, which are defined as having less than 0.3% THC. Because marijuana seeds do not contain THC (while in seed form), they fall under the protection of the 2018 Hemp Bill, and can legally be purchased and sold across state lines.

In January 2022, the DEA further clarified in a letter that seeds are legally considered CBD/hemp and can be shipped across state lines.

Where to Buy Seeds online?

When purchasing marijuana seeds online, you should be extremely weary of the Seller, and any claims it makes.The reason is that there is a great amount of misinformation, fraud, and all-around unethical shenanigans in the online seed market.

Many sellers will advertise popular genetics, without having any statement regarding how those genetics were acquired, or any information verifying the authenticity of the source of the seeds.

In other words, you need to know that you can trust who you are buying the seeds from. You must trust that they have the plant genetics they claim to have, and that the seeds they are selling are a product of those verified genetics.

This is particularly important when buying classic strains and ultra-popular trending strains.

How to tell if Online Marijuana Seed Seller is Legit

The biggest thing to look for is transparency. Is the seller open about who/what they are?

Beware of mysterious sellers. You deserve to know if your seller is a company or just a person. They should tell you where they are located.

You also deserve to get at least basic information about the strains they are selling.

  • Where did the Seller get those strains?
  • Did the Seller breed these strains himself?
  • Did he first buy seeds from another breeder and back cross them, so he could maintain a seed bank of that strain?

That information should be available. Even if you don’t understand those questions, that information should be available.

Why is this important? Because you wouldn’t want to pay a vineyard for a Cabernet when it was really a Merlot. The same concept applies in cannabis.

You don’t want to pay for “Girl Scout Cookies” or “OG Kush,” – two legendary, legacy strains – only to plant the seeds and realize you really bought a totally different strain.

This happens all the time in online seed sales, so beware.

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online from Smokey Okies Cannabis

At Smokey Okies, we have been cultivating cannabis since 2019. We have amassed an inventory of Mom plants of various genetics. From there, we have engaged in our own breeding, and have chosen to offer for sale some of the strains we have bred.

All of the genetics in our catalogue originated from seeds that we pheno-hunted first, and then selected a keeper. Those seeds were purchased either directly from the breeder, or from authorized seed banks that were authorized by the breeder to sell those seeds.

Those seeds came in verified packaging, with tamper proof seals, from the breeder. We know that when we purchased seeds for Apple Tartz and Emergen-C, they were the actual seeds of those strains. And the results speak for themselves. Those plants are great.

When we buy seeds for our grow, this is what we expect: verification of where the seeds came from, so we know they are authentic and genuine.

And that is exactly what we offer to you.

Authentic and Genuine Cannabis Seeds from Smokey Okies

When you buy seeds from Smokey Okies, you can rest assured that you are getting what you ordered. And when you receive our seeds, they will arrive in Smokey Okies packaging.

However, it is not uncommon for customers of other sites to receive seeds in unmarked, clear baggies, from a website with little to no information about the seeds or their origin.

Contrast that with the Smokey Okies Seed Store, where we have full length articles about all of our strains. We track and explain the genetic lineage so that you know where your genetics came from. And we have videos dating back to 2019 that show the history of our cultivars.

Finally, we are not anonymous online sellers. We are a real, brick and mortar business located in Oklahoma. You can call and talk to us if you have questions about our seeds or our strains.

If you have any more questions about our seeds, send us an email to: info@smokey-okies.com


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