We are a METRC Compliant Grower in Oklahoma

Smokey Okies Cannabis is a METRC Compliant grower, and we supply dispensaries with METC compliant flower. We’ve become known as “the local grower you can trust,” and that is a result of our ethics, our growing practices, our transparency, and also our compliance with the law.

As a legal, licensed grower of medical marijuana in Oklahoma, we are bound to keep up to date with all laws and regulations governing both cultivation and sales of cannabis.

You may have heard about the METRC system that has gone into effect. In this article, we explain what METRC is, the reason why it was enacted, the purpose of the system, and how it effects cultivation and sales.

What is the METRC System for marijuana businesses?

METRC is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) platform that governments in the United States use to track the licensed sale and cultivation of marijuana. The private company that owns and operates the  METRC software will enter into contracts with various government agencies for use in compliance and enforcement of local marijuana regulations.

What was the reason for establishing METRC and seed-to-sale software?

State governments in the U.S. all have different ways of regulating the legal sale and cultivation of cannabis, but all of them require some sort of seed-to-sale software.

The reason is that these state governments want to know who is growing what, how much is being harvested, and where that product is being sold.

The purpose is to be able to catch growers who have a legal license to grow, but are actually diverting their product to the black market. Authorities and commentators have mixed opinions on whether seed-to-sale systems such as METRC actually stop the black market.

Nevertheless, the emergence of the METRC system in any legal market will require much more administrative work on the grower. But the good growers will not have a problem complying with this system.

How METRC affects Cannabis cultivation and sales in Oklahoma

Implementation of the METRC compliance system will have an affect on the business operation of growers, processors, distributors, and dispensaries.

All of these businesses must first either use the METRC software, or use a separate software that integrates with the METRC software.

What Growers must do to comply with METRC

Growers must use a seed-to-sale software that tracks, you guessed it, everything from the seeds to the product being sold. That means that seeds must actually be logged into the system. Clones must be logged into the system. And everything single plant must have a tag and bar code on it.

With indoor grows, it’s common to yield 2 to 4 ounces per plant. That means that an actual pound of bud will be made up of 4 to 8 different plants. Therefore, when that pound of flower is sold to a dispensary, it must have a tag/bar code that traces it back to the plants that yielded the flower.

How to Order METRC-compliant flower from a licensed grower in Oklahoma

Dispensaries that want to order METRC-compliant flower must first contact a reputable grower. The best way is to find a reliable grower that actually has a website with contact information. Next, do they actually respond to emails from the website? As a business owner, you don’t have time to mess with unprofessional and unreliable growers. Contact us to speak with one of us and even if after hours, we will be back in touch the next morning.

Next, once you have decided to make a purchase, the grower will send you an invoice with the payment terms.

The grower will add METRC tags to the flower products to be sold to the dispensary

Thereafter, the grower will package and label the products according to your order. So that means if you want a pound of bulk flower, the grower will package the flower into a pound-bag, and affix a METRC tag to it.

A dispensary may also order pre-packaged flower, in which case the grower can package the flower into individual baggies, such as 1/8 ounce baggies, and either tag each individual baggie or tag the  group of baggies as a single bundle.

Transporting the METRC-compliant flower from the grower to the Dispensary in Oklahoma

When it comes to delivering the flower, you will still follow the guidelines we outlined in our article How to Sell to a Dispensary. However, now that METRC is in effect, you must be sure to actually follow these guidelines to a T, as the government can monitor your product while it is in transit.

Smokey Okies Cannabis is the most trusted source for premium, METRC-compliant flower in Oklahoma

Smokey Okies Cannabis has been producing lab-tested, legally compliant flower since 2019. Our customers have come to trust us to be a reliable source for weekly deliveries, as well as for consistent quality.

We are passionate about the flavors, terps, cannabinoids and experiences of all of our different strains. We are always pheno hunting new varieties and always interested in expanding our catalogue.

We want to bring exotic strains and new flavors to the Oklahoma consumer. We are not a pump and dump facility like so many commercial grows in Oklahoma. We bring passion and excitement to our line up and we are always focused on serving you first.


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