Typically, we eat cake on special occasions. Here in the world of cannabis, you don’t need an excuse to partake in the deliciousness of these baked goods. Why eat them when we can smoke them?!

And in today’s review, we explore another delicious cake cross, Candy Cake. This strain was created by the Jungle Boys, whom are known for creating strains like Jungle Driver and Spiked Mai Tai. So we know with certainty that Candy Cake is going to be absolute fire.

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The Lineage of Candy Cake strain by the Jungle Boys

Before we dip into the delicious characteristics that make up Candy Cake, let’s learn a little about its lineage!

Zkittlez Cake needs no introduction. Full of spicy, fruity and earthy flavors, this strain is built for relaxing. Known to put you in the couch and relieve muscular pain, this strain is excellent for those wanting to relax and enjoy a good movie.

Jungle Cake is a well balanced strain that is crossed with White Fire #43 and Wedding Cake. Bred by another of our favorite breeders, Seed Junky Genetics, this strain gives you a relaxing high that lets you stay alert and focused. This strain would be great for those looking for a relaxing night full of some giggles.

Strain Review of Candy Cake by the Jungle Boys

Candy Cake looks quite similar to its mother, Zkittlez Cake. It is bright green with almost fluorescent orange pistils exuding from the calyxes of the flower. The nugs from this plant are dense and full of trichomes. Those who like concentrates are bound to find this strain squished up somewhere.  The nugs break down quite evenly, making for an easily packed bowl that offers a smooth hit.


Candy Cake has an impressively doughy and creamy aroma. It rings of a vanilla candy undertone that’s matched by glimmers of earthy tones. It’s quite reminiscent of a pound cake or those birthday cakes from the grocery store. Opening a bag of Candy Cake makes you feel like you’ve walked straight into bakery!


Candy Cake has a flavor profile that resembles the infamous profiles of Zkittlez Cake. It’s full of creamy vanilla and doughy overtones that lingers on the tongue even after the exhale. This is coupled by the candy flavored undertone that has a tropical facet to its robustness. Smoking Candy Cake is like taking a bite out of cake straight from grandmas oven! The flavor would pair quite well with breakfast foods and most definitely dessert styled foods.


This is a strain that is catered to those who enjoy a relaxing and giggly high. This is NOT a strain that will motivate you to do the dishes.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing tingles that course over your body on the initial inhale. This is followed by a feeling that makes your face feel like it’s being stretched back. We all know this feeling to be the precursor to the giggles.

Strap in, because candy cake will have you feeling like your on cloud 9 while simultaneously gluing your butt to the couch. Grab a book or put on a movie and enjoy the pain relief and anxiety reducing high that Candy Cake has to offer!


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