Have you been looking for an uplifting hash rosin experience, that will keep you active while your brain soars into the heavens?! Well, the Dab Twins have just discovered what you’ve been looking for in this recent grower x processor collaboration.

The Collaboration of Grower & Processor: Smokey Okies x Bear-Essentials 

This live hash rosin was created by Bear Essentials in Oklahoma City, and sourced from Smokey Okies’ flower. Smokey Okies and Bear Essentials have collaborated several times in the past, with the former supplying strains such as Apple Tartz and Prayer Pupil for rosin projects. This time, the chosen strain was Crescendo, and the outcome did not disappoint.

“Man, that’s smooth!” says Blake, the left half of the dab duo. “Ooh that’s sweet,” remarks Bryce, representing the right half of the Dab Twins, a brotherly duo known for their fun and informative reviews of concentrate products in Oklahoma.

This month, the Dab Twins decided to review Crescendo live hash-rosin, from Bear Essentials x Smokey Okies Cannabis.


The Crescendo flower, grown by Smokey Okies, yields excellent hash rosin

The Crescendo flower is earthy and rich, and offers a smooth and lucid high. The rich taste offers whole wheat and oatmeal flavors, packed with a pine and spice. The grow team suggested we flash freeze the flowers for some premium live rosin. Once the decision was made, we set out to find the right processor for the job.

Known for their high-end connoisseur quality, Bear Essentials can barely keep up with the demand for their live rosin extracts in Oklahoma. And their final product proved this flower was an excellent choice for smashing.

“I’ve had Smokey Okies’ Crescendo flower of the Crescendo and it was really good, I really liked it, so being able to get into the concentrate, I’m real excited,” exclaims Bryce.


Crescendo hash-rosin aroma profile

The nose is strong as soon as you open the lid. Very earthy, with a little bit of pine, and a strong spice.

“Have you ever smelled a compost with fruit in it?” asks Blake. “it’s kind of like this, except this is way sweeter.”

Blake is excited. “If it tastes the same as it smells, this is going to be good!”

Crescendo hash-rosin terpene profile

The Crescendo rosin is dominated by the terpenes

  • Farnesene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene
  • Myrcene

This is an excellent combination of terpenes. The Farnicine provides a strong woodsy aroma, that helps with stress relief and muscle spasms. Caryophyllene is great for pain, anxiety, and has been shown to help with seizures. The Limonene provides an uplifting mood. And rounding it out is Myrcene, with provides a relaxing effect for both the muscles and the mind.

Crescendo hash-rosin flavor profile

The Dab Twins describe the flavor as woodsy, sweet, with a piney aftertaste, a hint of ginger, and a real earthy, calming, experience.

“Incredibly sweet, incredibly smooth,” says Blake.  Bryce describes the piney aftertaste as having a Ginger-esque spice, which Blake confirms.

Perfect for the fall season, this taste invokes pine needs and autumn breeze.

The experience and effects of Crescendo hash-rosin

The terpene profile might just be the perfect combination for a happy, relaxing high, that can be both enjoyed during activities outdoors, as wells as for winding down after a workout or weekend adventure.

“I feel very in my head, like very euphoric,” says Bryce. “This definitely feels like a ‘crescendo,’ working its way up in my head.”

“It’s still building!” exclaims Blake.

“Apparently, my Brain is heaven,” says Bryce before rating it a 10/10. His brother Blake gives it a toasty rating of 8/10, wanting a bit more floral sweetness.

This strain is a wonderful option for managing stress, anxiety or fatigue.


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