The Big Drip is full of flavor – berry, cream, some candy, a hint of orange cinnamon spice. The effects are sedating. This strain eases the muscles, relaxes the tension in your face, neck, shoulders, and most importantly, your brow where you carry the heavy load of intentional thinking all day. Let this strain melt away your stresses.

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About this Strain: Big Drip

This strain combines two favorites, Purple Punch and the mighty Slurricane (Do-si-do x Purple Punch), which means we are doubling-down on purple punch flavors here!

  • Lineage: Slurricane #22 x Purple Punch
  • Breeder: In-House Genetics
  • Cultivated by: Smokey Okies Cannabis

Both of these parent strains have loyal fans, and for good reason. Purple Punch came on the scene with everything you’d expect from high end modern cannabis: bag appeal, strong aroma, potent high. Slurricane multiplied all of the above criteria to create a deep loyal following and put In-House Genetics on the map.

Once you understand the backstory on these parents, you now can see why we felt hyped and excited about the Big Drip cannabis strain. Our expectations were high, and they were met; and we got really high!

Let’s dive into this one!

Terpene Profile of Big Drip cannabis strain

The Big Drip pheno that was selected by Smokey Okies Cannabis contains the following terpenes in order of dominance:

  • Nerolidol
  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene
  • Bisabolol

This is an excellent combo for fighting pain and inflammation. Nerolidol is known to provide floral and woodsy aromatics while also promoting sleep. Bisabolol has been show to have analgesic effects, and can be great for pain relief, while Caryophyllene has anti-inflammatory characteristics.

This is an all around great strain for healing your muscles and providing therapy to the body.

The Flavor Profile of Big Drip cannabis strain

The primary aromas of lavender, cinnamon, cream and a hint of orange combine to provide a deep flavor profile. Up front, you will get sweet hints of grape and candy. On the finish, you will taste the sweet cream, and sometimes a hint of orange cream or earthy spice.

Expect a delightful berry aroma, and that deeply relaxing, heavy eye lid experience that we Slurricane lovers seek.

The Big Drip offers the purple punch lover a double dose of delicious berry indica, with beautiful buds to match the taste and smell.

The Experience of smoking the Big Drip strain

Oh, is this one tasty! As with any cultivar, the flavor can range from harvest batch to harvest batch, but the commonalities will always involve sweet dessert.

As you exhale the smoke and the taste lingers on your tongue, the punch to the head comes on rather quickly. As you find yourself really high, you start to smile and let go of the day’s stresses. Tension in your muscles, especially neck and shoulders where we carry the weight of our daily decisions and actions, eases and begins to smooth out. Your body relaxes. Your heart and soul poke through the territory that thus far has been occupied by your thinking-brain. Now it is time to be you, to stop thinking and worrying, and to enjoy the moment.

The Big Drip is cultivated by Smokey Okies Cannabis in Oklahoma City. Stay up to date with the latest strains by subscribing to our newsletter.


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