It’s a battle of the bananas at Smokey Okie’s. We are excited to announce that we conducted a rather large pheno-hunt of Banana Cake seeds from one of our favorite breeders, In-House Genetics.

Banana Cake is a limited release from In-House Genetics, so once these seeds are gone, they are gone!  We were lucky enough to find two distinctly different phenos to bring to our Oklahoma dispensaries. 

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The two phenotypes of Banana Cake that we selected have a nice contrast around their flavors and experiences smoking, but also have a fair amount of similarities. Our Harvest Manager, Justin, has tried both phenos for you and does a great job of breaking down the comparison:

Besides the obvious visual difference–green vs deep purple–I would say the main contrasts are in the smell and taste. Banana Cake #1 has a heavy banana funk smell and taste that is so funky that its almost offensive, while Banana Cake #2 smells and tastes more like cinnamon spice with the banana funk in the background. 

Both noses are loud and very different. This is an excellent example of the types of phenotypic differences that you can run into while popping a large variety of seeds of any given strain!”

Banana Cake Lineage

In-House Genetics is a renowned and trusted breeder of cannabis, with famous strains like Slurricane and Jelly Breath in their portfolio, so we were enthusiastic to see what we could discover on this pheno hunt of their Banana Cake. 

Banana Cake is the love child of Wedding Cake and Banana OG, so you can expect an earthy and flowery aroma/flavor, combined with the vanilla creamy sweetness of wedding cake. 

Banana OG – A euphoric high that leads to a highly relaxed state and intense hunger. Add to that a smell and flavor of overripe bananas and this was the best choice to mix with Wedding Cake to make a Banana Cake strain.

Wedding Cake – Wedding cake is a sweet, vanilla experience that has a higher THC level, bringing a euphoric and relaxed high. Combined with Banana OG, you’ve got yourself your mom’s homemade banana bread. 

Flavor Profiles of the two phenotypes

Banana Cake #1 (the green pheno):

We are differentiating the name of these two strains based on the color of their buds. Banana Cake #1 has a strong banana flavor. You’ll notice it immediately when you open the bag. As bananas ferment and overripe, they tend to get a bit of a chemical or alcohol scent and flavor. This funkiness definitely pulls through in the flavor here. 

Banana Cake #2 (the purple pheno):
Banana Cake #2, with deep purple hues on the buds, takes you on a milder banana journey, leaning toward the cake side of the spectrum, with cinnamon and clove spice being the dominant flavor and the banana lingering in the background.

Banana Cake Smoking Experiences

Both Wedding Cake and Banana OG sit higher on the THC scale, making them a more sedative strain. You’ll be happy, relaxed and hungry with Banana Cake. If you’re a  novice smoker, go slow with the amount of Banana Cake you smoke or you may find yourself couch-locked for the foreseeable future. 

On top of having a smooth and sweet/creamy inhale and exhale, Banana Cake has the ability to help you find calm and really sink into relaxation. Because of these properties, there may be therapeutic benefits of Banana Cake for:

  • Insomnia
  • Chronic Pain
  • Anxiety/panic attacks
  • Nausea
  • Mood swings

We are super excited to bring some of our newest strains (some from our new growing room!) to your dispensary shelves. Be sure to check out our full menu online and sign up for our newsletter below to stay up to date with all our seasonal and weekly menus, along with where you can find our brand in Oklahoma. 


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