One of our newest strains, Divine Banana, is going to take you on a sweet ride, with the flavor and smell of banana bread and a high you’ll love. To know if this strain is right for you, let’s start with the best way to understand a strain–by looking at its parents.

It’s our goal to make sure that when you shop Smokey Okie’s marijuana, you are purchasing the right strain for you. That’s why we love to grow, smoke and review our own strains. Because you wouldn’t walk into a liquor store and buy any old alcohol. Likewise, you wouldn’t want to walk into a dispensary and buy any cannabis.

From flavor and aroma to smoking experience and your therapeutic needs, we are here to not only sell you cannabis, but to help you shop to meet your needs.

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Divine Banana Lineage

One of the things that makes us excited about this strain is its lineage. Divine Banana is sourced from In-House Genetics, a breeder with a great reputation for super frosty, modern weed. We know these seeds are high quality and deliver a great flavor and experience.

Divine Banana comes from a cross between Divine Gelato and Banana OG. But like every family, each sibling will be slightly different and, in some ways, the same. 

  • Divine Gelato: Diving Gelato is a sweet strain packed with fruity flavors and the Linalool terpene, which lends its floral flavor, reminiscent of lavender. This strain is great for those who need a relaxation high without being too sedated.
  • Banana OG: The flavor here is self-explanatory. Overripe bananas with a head high that some say has a “creeper effect”. If you smoke too much, you’ll be sedated and glued to your couch.

Flavor Profile

Both of our banana strains vary slightly, so it’s important to know which flavor profile best suits your fancy. When you open the packages of both stains, the banana tropical smell is the first thing you’ll notice, and while they do share some of the main terpene players, they also have some differences. To unpack the flavors, we will look at the top three terpenes in each of the Divine Banana strains we offer.

Divine Banana:
Of course, you are going to get a sweet banana flavor (think of banana bread). It’s sweet, creamy and just as soon as the flavor pulls you in, you’ll be caught off guard by the power of the high. But aside from the banana flavor, you’ll also experience the flavors from:

  • Limonene – Limonene is responsible for the fruity and tropical banana twist you’ll get from this strain.
  • Myrcene- Myrcene has a very natural smell and flavor. It’s herbal and can taste a lot like cloves or spices.
  • Pinene- The sweet earthiness of Divine Banana A comes from pinene. It delivers a switch kick of the outdoors, a natural flavor that compliments the other terpenes well. 

Smoking Experience

While Divine Banana is not overly sedative, it definitely can over-relax you if you consume too much. Divine Banana will have you reducing your stress level, mellowing out and eventually feeling sleepy or completely relaxed, calm and harmoniously unmotivated. You’ll feel in a happy stupor when all is said and done. Most people who smoke Divine Banana  say they feel uplifted, relaxed and happy. 

One other thing to note about this strain is that the flavor is as smooth as the high; it is not super harsh or abrasive. It’s smooth on the inhale and exhale; so between a great flavor and a mellow option for a great evening smoke, what else could you ask for? 

Check out our list of participating dispensaries to find out where you’ll be able to find Divine Banana once it hits the shelves. 

We suggest Divine Banana for:

The THC in Divine Banana, combined with the CBC and CBD levels, will leave you feeling relaxed and less energized than some of our other more uplifting strains. Now, this doesn’t mean you’ll be couch-locked, but you will definitely feel a difference. For that reason, we suggest Divine Banana for ailments such as:

  • Muscle stiffness/spasms
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite loss
  • Anxiety/panic attacks
  • Inflammation

We are super excited to bring some of our newest strains (some from our new growing room!) to your dispensary shelves. Be sure to check out our full menu online, and check back on the blog for more great strain reviews so that you can be informed when you shop for your next batch. 

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