Just like our Emergen-C strain has an orange soda flavor, Red Pop Runtz is bringing in the strawberry/cherry-flavored soda to our line up. Not only is it visually stunning, but it packs a fun flavor and great smoking experience that will leave you hooked. 

Let’s unpack where Red Pop Runtz comes from, genetically, its flavor profile, and what you can expect when smoking it.

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Red Pop Runtz Lineage

Red Pop Runtz comes from Exotic Genetix in Washington state, founded by Exotic Mike, who created the original Red Pop strain, which is known for its soda pop fizzy flavor. Combining this with the Runtz strain gives us a sweet berry counterpart to our Emergen-C orange soda strain. 

Red Pop Runtz very plainly comes from a cross of Red Pop and Runtz. Red Pop itself is a cross between Strawberry and Cookies and Cream. This brings in a vanilla sweet strawberry flavor and when mixed with Runtz, you can expect to add to the candy sweetness of the strain. Runtz (or Runtz OG) smells and tastes just like a bag of the sugary candy we all know and love, which is where it gets its name. 

Flavor Profile

This strain is one for you flavor chasers out there. Our head grower, Smelly Ellie, describes Red Pop Runtz as “sweet Red Fanta soda pop”. So if you are looking for a stain that has you feeling like you’re eating a bag of candy or drinking a sweet soda pop, this is one to consider. 

Another unique aspect of this strain is, just like Emergen-C, it leaves a lingering fizzy feeling on your tongue that will have you coming back for more. It’s a pleasant taste and flavor and we like it here at Smokey Okie’s because, unlike other Runtz varieties, it brings with it a great yield, so there is more to go around. 

Smoking Experience

Smoking Red Pop Runtz will not leave you couch-locked, which is good for those who are wanting to feel happy and calm, but not overly sedated. You may feel happy, talkative, and relaxed and, adding in a great flavor, you can’t go wrong. Because this is a more uplifting strain, it’s a great option to consider if you are dealing with stress, fatigue or depression. For both Red Pop and Runtz, there are some smokers who have anxiety that claim smoking those strains can exacerbate their anxiousness, so be sure to monitor how much you smoke in one sitting. 

Always check our online strain catalog to check out what we have and visit our participating dispensaries to purchase. If your dispensary of choice doesn’t sell Smokey Okie’s, tell them to! We have a high-quality product from a grower you can trust.

If you are looking for a strain that has an earthy, fruity flavor and a hard-hitting high, look no further than Knockout Runtz. It’s not only tasty, but potent as well. If you are considering growing Knockout Runtz at home, this one is not a high yielder like Red Pop Runtz, but it is still a high quality, top shelf cannabis. Check out our blog post about tips and tricks for growing Runtz strains for some help!

At Smokey Okie’s, we have a number of Runtz varieties, including our new Red Pop Runtz strain, Apple Tartz, Tropical Runtz and Greasy Runtz. Check out our online strain catalog to see what is available, and be sure to sign up for newsletters  below to stay in the loop.


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