At Smokey Okies Cannabis Grow Op, we cultivate our selected strains for premium smokeable flower experience. “We enjoy smoking the herb, mon.”

But more recently, we have started working with processors to create concentrate products. The first such split we did this year was a collaboration with Ultra Leaf Processing to create a diamond/sugar/sauce product that did not involve any CRC or color remediation.

Our first run was from our Gorilla Glue #4 plant, and we created the following:

The product was a success, according to the feedback we received from the budtenders at Root 66 Dispensary and Project Releaf, the two dispensaries that got the first batch of these diamond blends.

We then decided to run our Chernobyl trim through the diamond miners, and the yield was also good, but even more impressive were the terps that came through in the sauce.


Because no color remediation was used, the product had a yellow tone, and we decided to call them Canary Diamonds.

The end product was a success, with customers reporting that the flavor great, and the high was a great clear-headed but intense high that comes with high-quality dabs.

Making Hash Rosin from fresh frozen Cannabis plants

Our next concentrate project of 2020 was teaming up with Bear Essentials to create rosin product using freshly cut flower, and pressing it before it was dried or cured. This was our first attempt at creating this type of concentrate, and so we were unsure at first which cultivar to choose. We had a surplus of Prayer Pupil in Room D, so we decided to chop about 10 plants and do a test run.

The results were astounding!

The Prayer Pupil flowers yielded a beautifully colored, creamy rosin. This flower produces an already hashy, creamy flavor when smoking the flowers, so it does seem logical that it might produce good rosin, but we didn’t know it would be this good!

Making concentrate products from Cannabis flower in Oklahoma

As we move into 2021, Smokey Okies will continue producing premium cannabis flower. But we have some difference product launches planned for this new year and we are excited to share them soon.

If you are a dispensary looking for premium flower or concentrates, please contact to learn more about our products or to place an order.

If you are a processor in need of biomass, please contact to get in touch with us.


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