We are no stranger to the great strains coming from the talented Sin City Seeds (check out their Rainbows at Night).

So when I found out I would be reviewing another strain of theirs, I was pretty damn excited. Sin City Seeds is  known for their SinMint, among other fantastic strains that are nothing short of excellent.  Here we will be going over our production of their Cartwheels and it’s incredible ability to deliver a supremely smooth high.

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The Lineage of Cartwheels: (White Nightmare x Florida Sunrise)

Cartwheels is the child of Sin City’s White Nightmare, paired with the Jungle Boys’ Florida Sunrise.

White Nightmare (Blue Dream x White Moonshine)

A euphoric, uplifting and focused high, so we’ll consider this one to be a semantics leaning hybrid. White Nightmare Leaves a berry and earthy tone on the tongue that leads to a sweet and spicy dynamic. Smells of fruity hash and sweet earth.

Florida Sunrise a heady and euphoric high despite its indica leaning effects. This is a balanced strain that tastes and smells as tropical as the Sunshine state itself. With hints of pineapples, berries and cream, Florida Sunrise tastes exactly like you’d think a colorful sunrise would.. Overall this strain leaves you feeling giggly and relaxed towards the end of the high

The Cartwheels weed strain

Cartwheels looks like a frosted cover kiwi. It has bright green bracts with calyxes of a darker shade. With its bright orange and yellow  pistils extruding from the nug, Cartwheels looks like it belongs on another planet!. The plant grows with large and fluffy nuggets, making it great for rolling joints or blunts!

The strong aroma of Cartwheels

Cartwheels has quite the refreshing aroma. It has overtones of berries and cream with a heavy undertone of a blend of tropical kush. In some phenotypes, we will notice hints of pineapples in addition to the berries and cream. This is the pheno that we were able to produce. Lucky us!! .  The combination of different faceted aromas brings the best of both parent strains right through your nose. It’s reminiscent of a Pacific Cooler Caprisun!

 The Flavor

It’s always pleasant when the aroma gives away the flavor, that way you’re not getting something you aren’t expecting.  I’m the case of Cartwheels, we get the absolutely same vibe as the aroma.  It has berries and creamy undertones with a tropical, yet earthy, undertone.  This is one of my favorite combinations due to its Caribbean taste. This strain will pair well with any drink from your favorite smoothie place! In all seriousness, you can’t go wrong pairing this with any fruity drink or food. Let your imagination take you for a ride!

Cartwheels Strain Effects 

Cartwheels is in my top 10 strains solely due to its versatility. To me, it is considered to be a true hybrid because it has both energizing and sedating effects. At first toke we feel the tingles behind the eyes along with a calming sensation. It’s like a whisper in your ear telling you that everything will be okay.

After the initial tingles, a euphoric and energizing sensation creeps up and seduces you into a short lived fit of giggles.  After this you’ll notice your body start to relax and decompress as Cartwheels courses it’s way through the rest of your body.

Like doing cartwheels, this strain almost makes you feel like a kid again. Smoking this is like a nod to when we had all the energy in the world and how relaxing we felt after we expended it.


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