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10th Planet

For those interested in space exploration but lack Elon Musk funds, we bring you the strain 10th Planet.

This well-rounded hybrid will put rocket skates on your brain and blast you through the cosmos while leaving your body nice and relaxed on the couch. Read the full review.


This strain has an aroma that is out of this solar system. It has a grape punch overtone along with its citrusy cousin. On another facet, we get a skunky undertone couple with a gassy must. 10th planet will dominate the room with its powerful aroma and will leave the nose with a tingle.


Its never unusual for a strain to have a flavor that doesn’t quite match its aroma profile. Sometimes it differs from person to person, but some strains just have this mysterious tendency to leave the tongue confused. With me, I get a peppery grape overtone thats pleasantly mirrored by a lovely citrus facet. This profile oddly resembles a nice old fashioned on the rocks and actually pairs quite well with one!


10th planet is a truly striking hybrid that will take control of your mood, making you feel blissful and focused. This effect is mirrored by its ability to leave the body feeling relaxed and tingly. Those who live with body pain and enjoy being active would absolutely love this strain. Don’t let me put 10th Planet in a box though, it is quite versatile in its effects. I find this strain to be useful for writing, painting or a myriad of other activities that involve creativity.

Read the full strain review.

Angel's Delight

Tastes like a sweet, creamy dessert out of a Michelin star kitchen. This strain has an aroma of vanilla and kush, with undertones of lemon candy. This strain is excellent for pain relief and night time relaxation.

Read the full strain review.

Lineage: Kush Cleaner x Do Si Do

Breeder: 707 Seed Co.

Black Cherry Poundcake

Black Cherry Poundcake

Lineage: ((Poundcake x Citrus City OG) x Citrus City OG)

Breeder: Bred by 42

Blueberry Tartz

Blueberry Tartz

Lineage: (Zkittlez x Blue Power)

Breeder: Sin City Seeds


Read the full review.

Bulletproof Dragon

Bulletproof Dragon is part of our Dragon Stash collection, and is one of four dragons we were gifted.

Strain: Bulletproof Dragon

Lineage: Whitemaster Stardawg x Dragon Stash

Breeder: Bulletproof Genetics

Read Our Full Review

Bulletproof dragon

Candy Cake

Unbelievable genetics from the master breeders, The Jungle Boys, we bring to you one of the best specimens to come out of their house:

    • (Zkittlez Cake x Jungle Cake)

This plant is a monster yielder, and is excellent for breeding. We have used the Candy Cake male in a number of breeding projects, and it always produces a winner. It adds gas to gassy females, and it brings out even more sweetness in the fruity females. Talk about an alpha plant.

The cured nugs are caked with frosting, the nose is heavy on cake and gas. This is bonafide top shelf exotic cannabis.





Lineage: White Nightmare x Florida Sunrise

Bred by Sin City Seeds




Champagne Showers

Want to enjoy the club without actually going to the club? Well put on some Future and pop you a bottle because Champagne Showers is here and we are absolutely feeling it.

Lineage: Bubble Bath x Temptation

Breeder: LIT Farms

Read Our Full Review






If you’re looking for a functional strain that allows you to maintain your day to day activities, CheetiOs is the GOAT for that.  With its balance between euphoria and its minuscule sedating properties, this strain encourages you to do whatever the heck you want while still feeling relieved from anxiety and stress.

Read Our Full Review




Coffee Creamer

Bred by the famous Seed Junky Genetics, this bud is best described as a gassy macchiato, for the coffee lovers and cafe aficionados out there!

Lineage: Zkittlez x Kush Mints #11

Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics

Read the full strain review here.

Cold Stone Chronic

Another one from our Winter of Dragons release, this strain comes from the Breeder’s cut of Jealousy, crossed with Deep Fried Ice cream.

Breeder: Bulletproof Genetics

Lineage: Jealousy x Deep Fried Icecream

Read Our Full Review




End Game

This one will stay in rotation for the time being, because this strain is fire! Great high, and the nose and flavor are off the charts!

Strain: End Game aka “The Punch Line” pheno

Lineage: Cherry Punch x Ethos Cookies

Read Our Full Review

Flame Spitter

Part of our Winter of Dragons collection from Bulletproof Genetics.

Read Our Full Review



Flame Spitter Strain

Gorilla Nut

Potent and flavorful, this strain hits like an 800 lb. gorilla.

Lineage: Peanut Butter Breath x Gorilla Butter
Breeder: Fresh Coast Seed Co. (Michigan)



Gorilla Nut is a connoisseur’s delight. These frosty green nugs are layered with purple and dark green texture with orange pistols, covered in trichs. Dominated by Caryophyllene, Humulene and Limonene, this pheno has plenty of aroma. Earthy and nutty, the flavor is sweet and spicy. If you want some dank herb with great aroma, flavor, and potency, this cultivar is a great choice.

Happily Ever After

Potent and flavorful, this strain hits like an 800 lb. gorilla.

Lineage: Wedding Pie x Prom Queen

Breeder: Bulletproof Genetics (Michigan)

Read the full strain review.


Honeydew Blossom

It smells of sweet and sour flowers and tastes like a silky peach with a side of lemonade. Perfect for picnics or relaxing at home while it makes you drift away into relaxation. Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you Honeydew Blossom!

Read our full review



Ricki Bobby

Are you ready to haul ass?!

Hats off to Wolfpack Selections for this creation. A marriage of Apple Fritter and Cheetah Piss, we’ve been hunting this one for a minute and now we are ready to release. Here’s to kicking off 2023, all gas no brakes!  Continue reading

Lineage: Apple Fritter x Cheetah Piss

Bred by: Wolfpack Selections

Grown by: Smokey Okies Cannabis

Read the full strain review.


Sugar Puss

This one has a complex nose, that combines a strong citrus tone at the start, with a certain amount of garlic and commercial kitchen aromas beneath the surface. Our harvest manager has described it as chicken broth or chicken noodle soup.

Lineage: Cheetah Piss x Bakers Dozen

Bred by: Exotic Genetix

Read the full strain review.

Tropic Soda

Tropic Soda

Lineage: Cherry Lime Soda x Double Dutch Soda

Bred by Umami Seeds

Tropic Soda is quite the vibrant specimen. It has bright green bracts and calyxes that are complimented by its enticing fiery orange pistils. It reminds me of a margarita with Tajin on a sunny day! Read the full strain review here.


Velvet Koffee

Are you ready for your next favorite Saturday morning sidekick? This strain will make the weekend early risers rejoice!

Brought to us by Pacific Northwest Roots, this heater is guaranteed to put a little extra pep in your step. Velvet Koffee (Velvet Purps F8 x Koffee F5) descends from two very old cultivars, both from legendary west coast breeders.

Read the full strain review here.

Lineage: Velvet Purps F8 x Koffee F5

Breeder: Pacific NW Roots


Viking Milk

The Cereal Milk cross you don’t want to miss! Citrus orange with vanilla undertones, this strain tastes like an orange smoothie. This strain will give you the energetic punch of a Viking, and is perfect for day time activities, gaming, writing, blogging, and socializing.

Read the full strain review here.

Lineage: Dutch Crunch x Cereal Milk

Breeder: Elev8 Seeds


One of the loudest strains we’ve ever grown!

XXX is the poster child for strains that have a loud and rambunctious terpene profile.

XXX is built for flavor. It’s got crazy swirls of lemons and berries that are insanely refreshing. Undertones are reminiscent of a creamy, yet almost acrid earthy flavor. Honestly this combination makes XXX quite the mouth watering strain due to its sweet and savory contrast! This strain is absolutely perfect for those spring time vibes. Enjoy it with a fruity smoothie or drink to intensify the flavors!

Read the full strain review.


We are always popping seeds, pheno hunting, and even breeding. Here is a partial list of what’s to come. Some may never make it to market. We have high standards, and every day new strains end up on the chopping block. We cut way more than we actually bring to market. What follows is only a partial list of some of the genetics we are working with behind the scenes.

New Strain coming SUMMER 2023: OKC (Oakland Kush x Cherrywanna) bred by Bulletproof Genetics



Bred by Bulletproof Genetics (Michigan)

  • OKC, named after our hometown! (Oakland Kush x Cherrywanna)
  • ABC’s (Apples & Bananas x Cherrywanna)
  • Happily Ever After (Wedding Pie x Prom Queen)

Bred by Pacific NW Roots (Washington State)

  • Happy Chillmore (Koffee F6 x Cherry Lotus F3)
  • Koffee Limedog (Koffee F6 x Cherry Limedog F3)
  • Velvet Koffee (Velvet Purps F8 x Koffee F5)
  • Watermelon Koffee (Watermelon Sour x Koffee F5)
  • Heartrock x Roots
  • Kellogg’s Coffee (CreamSoda x Kubed)
  • Strawberry Yogurt x Royal Sour Koffee

LIT Cannabis

  1. Champagne Showers (Bubble Bath x Temptation)
  2. Crotch Rocket (E-85 x Temptation)

Second Generation Genetics

  1. Wookie Cookie (Do-si-do x DJ Short F4 Blueberry)
  2. Hash Plant 13

Cool Beans (Colorado)

  1. Cake Tarts (Jungle Cake x Sour Diesel)
  2. Hot Funyunz (Funyunz x Sour Diesel)
  3. Modified Garlic (GMO x Sour Diesel)

Volcanic Genetics

  1. GMO Jungle Cherries
  2. Jungle OG (OG 18 x Cataract Kush F2)

Breeder: Round Table Selections

  1. Smelly Markerz (Permanent Marker x GMO/OZKush BC2)
  2. Grape Galletas (Grape Gas S1 x GMO/OZKush BC2)


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Smokey Okie's Pre Roll

Pre-Roll 5-Packs

Our pre-rolls are made from the same high quality, indoor flower that we are known for growing. The only difference is that we have done the work for you of rolling it up. And one just isn’t enough, so they come in packs of five.

Ingredients: 100 % cannabis flower, bamboo paper.

Our cones/tips are Made in the U.S.A.

Smokey Okie's Pre Roll

Crumble Cone 5-Packs

Slow burning, long lasting, and extremely potent. Our latest infused pre-roll is also extremely flavorful. Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce to you: the Crumble Cone.

The Crumble Cone is our take on the infused pre-roll. First, we of course use only premium indoor flower. After grinding our flower, we sprinkled crumble into the mix. And then we make each pre-roll by hand.

A single-sourced cannabis product is one where all the ingredients originate from the same, original single source. In this case, our crumble came from the same batch of plants that produced the flower inside these pre-rolls.

Ingredients: cannabis flower, cannabis concentrate (crumble), bamboo paper.

Our cones/tips are Made in the U.S.A.

Crumble Cone Singles

Because they are so potent, you may only need one! We offer our Crumble Cone infused pre-rolls as singles.

Ingredients: cannabis flower, cannabis concentrate (crumble), bamboo paper.

Our cones/tips are Made in the U.S.A.



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Solventless Gummies

Made with premium Indoor Cannabis Flower

Our Gummies are:

  • Solventless (not made with chemical agents)
  • Full Spectrum,
  • Strain Specific, and
  • originate from a Single-Source: Our premium Indoor Cannabis Flower

The Benefits of Consuming Solventless, Full Spectrum Gummies

When you consume one of our gummies, you are getting all the cannabinoids and terpenes that you would get from the actual flower. And that is what makes these gummies so special.

You are not getting a limited experience, as is the case with edibles made with isolates. Instead, you are getting everything that makes up these specific strains of flower. And that will provide a deeper experience, in addition to just the THC.

Read more about our Solventless Gummies.

solventless gummies image


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Hash Rosin

Hash Rosin is a minimally processed concentrate product. The solventless processing of Hash Rosin results in an unadulterated product, closer to the plant’s essence than any other concentrate product. For cannabis consumers that prefer flower, hash rosin still fits the bill for a suitable smoking experience.

We release Hash Rosin in small-batch, limited quantities, to select dispensaries. As with our flower, we always provide multiple strain options when releasing each batch of Hash Rosin.

Read more about our process here.

Ingredients: cannabis concentrate (hash rosin).

Hash Rosin image

Full Spectrum CO2 Extracts

Sourced from our indoor grow, and made using CO2 Botanical Extraction, this cartridge contains full spectrum cannabis oil. No additives, no artificial terpenes, no filler.

Our oil retains the essence of the plant. A difference you can taste and feel.

Available in 510 thread cartridges.

Ingredients: full spectrum cannabis concentrate.


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