Want to enjoy the club without actually going to the club? Well put on some Future and pop you a bottle because Champagne Showers is here and we are absolutely feeling it.

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The Lineage of Champagne Showers

Lit Farms created Champagne Showers by crossing Bubble Bath with the amazing Temptation. We are incredibly excited to introduce this into our catalogue. Before we dip into what makes Champagne Showers so amazing, let’s learn a bit about its lineage!

Bubble Bath has been one of my favorite strains since it became a thing. It’s crossed with The Soap and Project 4516. Because of the PJ4516 this strain has an ungodly robust aroma similar to 8” Bagels profile. Built for relaxation and a cerebral stillness, this strain is perfect for those who accommodate soaking in the tub into their weekly regiment. Grab a glass of wine and a bowl of Bubble Bath and hit the tub for supreme serenity.

Temptation  is quite the alluring strain. Crossed with Jealousy and Ice Cream Cake, so we know this will harness an insane amount of pungent aromas and flavors. It has citrusy diesel facets with a funk that intertwines with it. Perfect as an everyday carry for the cannabis aficionado. Known to last most of the day, this strain is as balanced as you can get.

Cannabis Strain Review: Champagne Showers

Growers will absolutely love this strain. It has large, dense nugs that look out of this world. It has deep purple gradients that course throughout the bright green calyxes.

Champagne Showers is absolutely covered in trichomes adding to its otherworldly aura. The trichome density would make a pleasure to those who enjoy pressing strains! Some are known to get purple hash from this as well!

Aroma of Champagne Showers strain

The mixture of aromas this strain offers is no doubt one of the most perplexing profiles that I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy.

It starts with a powerful funk that almost uppercuts you with how broad it is.  After you recover you’ll notice strong facets of citrus notes coupled with tones of diesel. Champagne Showers is savory, sweet and almost spicy all in one.  Honestly, I would pair this with another bowl of Champagne Showers!

Flavor of Champagne Showers strain

Do you love sweet and savory strains? If so, this is definitely the strain for you.

With the first toke you’ll notice a strong robust flavor that seems earthy at first. As you continue to inhale this turns into a funky pungent flavor that’s followed with citrusy tones. As you exhale a light lemony diesel flavor will linger on your tongue for a while.

Typically, these flavors are sought after by connoisseurs of the craft. If it weren’t for its amazing benefits, this strain would be considered a novelty to its unique flavor.

Champagne Showers Strain Effects

Typically, when you think of an indica you don’t think of the word “functional”.  But that’s exactly what this strain is!

Yes, you will get this relaxing notion that washes over your body that acts as a pain reliever. This is quickly followed by a euphoric sensation that will start awaken your body into its final form, arousal.  That’s right everyone. Be careful who you enjoy this strain with because it may make you catch feelings you didn’t know you had!

Champagne Showers will be excellent for those couples looking to spice up their night a bit.  Enjoy with a glass of wine and let this strain soothe your pains!

Conclusion: Relaxing, euphoric, arousal, pain relief.


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