Stoners unite! This strain pays homage to the poster child of side effects, the munchies!

Wolfpack Selections threw together two heavy hitting hybrids that come together to create a sweet and savory treat for us all  to medicate with. Created by crossing the strains Cereal Milk and Cheetah Piss, CheetiOs is guaranteed to give the user a newly found dilemma about smoking their munchies! To further understand what makes this strain so fantastic, let’s learn a bit about its lineage!

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The Lineage of CheetiO’s

Cereal Milk is a renowned strain created by Cookies.  It has an extremely sweet vanilla and hints of berries. Known to be an extremely loud smoking hybrid, this strain is reminiscent of the left over milk from a bowl of cereal. Cereal Milk has a euphoric and relaxing high that will leave the user feeling giddy and hungry.  Cereal Milk is fantastic for those who suffer from chronic stress, fatigue and depression!

Cheetah Piss is another evenly balanced hybrid that has a super pungent aroma due to its Cat Piss lineage. This strain has a euphoric and focused high that gives you that motivation to carry out a conversation. Cheetah Piss is known for its sour and creamy flavor that rolls right off the tongue. Excellent for those dealing with chronic pain, fatigue and mood swings!

We have already been growing (and smoking on) Viking Milk, which is also a Cereal Milk cross. So to have a strain that crosses the aforementioned sweet sativa with the more stanky Cheetah Piss is sure to be a winner. Let’s take a look at the nug structure and then the flavor profiles.

Appearance of CheetiO’s strain

Its always a treat when your medicine looks as pretty as it is effective. With Cheeti-O’s we get an overall bright green nug that has dark green veins coursing through the bracts and calyxes. With its density being that of a rock, you can expect a smaller nug to break down into more than anticipated.

Aroma of CheetiO’s

This strain is for those who enjoy the complexity of flavors in cannabis.  CheetiOs has a diverse profile that spans the spectrum of aromas. In the bag CheetiOs has a sour cheese smell with bites of lemon that eventually lead to a creamy and vanilla smell that is almost warming.  After the grind, the cheese smell slight dissipates giving the lemony facet it’s chance to address your pallette. This strain is robust with aromas that dance around your nose in the most savory of ways!

Flavor of CheetiO’s

CheetiOs has one of my absolute favorite flavor profiles.  It’s chalk full of diverse facets that feel put together by a seasoned mixologist. It starts with a powerful earthy and cheese flavor that’s followed by a sour lemon undertone. After the initial inhale settles you’ll notice a creamy and vanilla overtone that’s coupled with a bit earthiness that resembles rosemary. This mixture of flavors is invigorating to the pallette and surprisingly doesn’t linger. Pairing this with a beverage similar to Ranch Water or perhaps a snack with Tajin might actually change your life for the better.  It pairs well with foods and drinks that have a spicy sweetness to them really brings out the flavor of CheetiOs.

Effects of smoking the CheetiO’s strain

If you’re looking for a functional strain that allows you to maintain your day to day activities, CheetiOs is the GOAT for that.  With its balance between euphoria and its minuscule sedating properties, this strain encourages you to do whatever the heck you want while still feeling relieved from anxiety and stress. In addition, CheetiOs has pain relieving properties that’s excellent for those with muscle pain and headaches. The side effects are pretty limited to the munchies and a hazy comedown.


To say the least, CheetiOs is more than just a novelty strain. Despite its boutique qualities,  it delivers its medicinal properties that us holistic stoners love to see. Producing quality medicine is crucial to furthering cannabis as a staple to the holistic cabinet and CheetiOs absolutely does us justice. Providing us with not only aesthetically pleasing properties, CheetiOs is one strain that certainly belongs in every stoners stash box!


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