Deep in the archives of Ethos Genetics lies an oldie, but a goodie. This is Cherry Berry OG… A supremely sweet smelling strain that will make your eyes stare at each other after a few moments.  It’s aromatic profile is that of sweet cherry and mixed fruit overtone with a pungent funky undertone.

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About the Strain: Cherry Berry OG

Cherry Berry OG was created by one of our favorite breeders, Ethos Genetics. We are big fans of Ethos, having grown at least half of dozen of their strains.

We like Ethos because they have a library of genetics that are truly their own. Their strains check multiple boxes.

For one, there’s always going to be a good nose. We have found aromas that range from the truly complex (like Lilac Diesel and Crescendo), to sweet, fruity, and floral (e.g. Honeydew Blossom, or End Game), to just plain loud (i.e. XXX).

Next, most of their strains yield well (including Lilac and Crescendo), but some are absolute monster yielders (like the 10th planet, and Grandpa’s Stash).

For the cultivar at hand, we are smoking on a descendant of two Ethos originals crossed into a summertime classic: (Purple Sunset #4 x Quattro Kush) x Watermelon Skittlez. Just off the lineage you know you’re about to get a mouthful of fruity flavor.

The appearance of the nugs

Cherry Berry OG is a strain that relinquishes the users eyes and taste buds. Its appearance is a true spectacle, with light green calyxes that form the foundation of the buds. Adding a touch of enchantment, a bright purple hue gracefully adorns the tips of the calyxes, creating a mesmerizing contrast that draws in even the most discerning cannabis enthusiasts. This strain’s visual allure is second to none, promising a rewarding experience from the very first glance.

The bright, fruity flavor and aroma of the Cherry Berry OG strain

When it comes to flavor, Cherry Berry OG is a veritable fruit basket of delights. With each inhale, a symphony of cherries, berries, and bananas dance upon the palate. The sweetness of cherries merges harmoniously with the juiciness of mixed berries, while the tropical essence of bananas adds an unexpected twist to the flavor profile. The combination of these delectable tastes creates a captivating and refreshing taste experience, making it a must-try strain for those with a fondness for fruity delights.

The comforting effects of smoking Cherry Berry OG

Beyond its exquisite appearance and enticing flavor, Cherry Berry OG boasts an array of effects that elevate both mind and body. A euphoric wave gently envelops the senses, uplifting the spirit and enhancing the overall mood. Worries and stress seem to fade away, replaced by a profound sense of happiness and contentment.

Near moments after, a soothing relaxation settles throughout the body, embracing users in a tranquil embrace. Any tension or discomfort that once plagued the muscles is alleviated, allowing for a sense of deep relief and ease. The combination of euphoria and relaxation creates a well-rounded experience, perfect for unwinding after a long day or seeking solace from physical discomfort.


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