The song “Sweet Cherry Pie” by Poison croons with the words “cherry pie, put a smile on your face that’s ten miles wide” with hair band metal as the accompanying music. This song is really reminiscent of one of our newest strains, CherryWanna. It’s sweet, but stanky. It’s fruity, but diesel-fueled. We are proud of our new flower and can’t wait to share it with you. Let’s unpack everything about CherryWanna so you can decide if it’s the right strain for you.

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CherryWanna Lineage

CherryWanna is a strain that we purchased from Bulletproof Genetics. We have had a lot of success by trusting Bulletproof Genetics with our seed selection. They are a trustworthy, high-quality breeder, which is why we have continued to grow our relationship with them. One of our other most popular strains, Tic Tax, also came from Bulletproof Genetics, and our customers were really pleased with the product they received. 

This time, Bulletproof Genetics crossed their Deep Breath strain with Cherry Punch and created a cherry concoction that you won’t forget. Let’s look at the parents of CherryWanna so we can fully understand where the strain’s flavor and experience come from. 

  • Deep Breath
    Deep Breath, a child of the Breath OG strain, brings a potent flavor and aroma of vanilla  and chemicals that fill the room and your mind. Some describe the flavor as also having nutty, honey and coffee. The high is  uplifting and creates a creative, giggly and happy experience for the smoker.
  • Cherry Punch
    Cherry Punch brings the flavor and the high, both in a strong way. It’s sweet, with a strong cherry flavor and a hint of skunk aroma. Also, with a higher level of THC than Deep Breath, Cherry Punch gives you a relaxing and euphoric feeling during your smoke and will leave you feeling happy and relaxed. 

Flavor Profile

CherryWanna will take your taste buds for a ride. It’s not only sweet and fruity, with that tart black cherry flavor, but it also brings in some more of the traditional gassy and stanky weed flavors and smells. It’s like if you baked a cherry pie with weed inside. It’s unique and appeals to both flavor chasers and more diesel marijuana lovers alike. 

Smoking Experience

Combining these two strains creates an evenly balanced high for anyone using it. It has a happy and euphoric high that uplifts and creates relaxation. But this strain will also land you on the couch and can put you to sleep, with its potency and high myrcene content. If you are looking for a heavy hitting high and a unique sweet and gassy flavor profile, CherryWanna is for you. 

Because of its well-balanced high, we suggest CherryWanna for us in helping with a number of different ailments, including anxiety, ADHD, depression, creative block, muscle spams and chronic pain. It may or may not help with things like insomnia but would be worth trying if this was your need. 

No matter what you are dealing with or what flavor you are after, Smokey Okie’s has an entire catalog of top-shelf strains that are grown in our high-quality, clean professional growing environment. We are the local cannabis grower that you can trust.


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