The best part of waking up, is Coffee Creamer in your blunt!

This strain is meant to be rolled up in blunts, wraps or papers.  It has dark green bracts with a lighter gradient. With its dark orange pistils reaching out, it will absolutely pull you in based off bag appeal alone.

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Coffee Creamer was created by one of the industry’s superstar breeders: Seed Junky Genetics, based in California.

Seed Junky treats the industry like it’s church and it shows. Having created strains like Ice Cream Cake, Wedding Cake, Emergen-C and Jealousy for several brands across the nation, Seed Junky JBeezy has made a name for himself as a cannabis breeding artist. So much so, that any time we hear about one of his new releases, we are first in line to get a pack of seeds. Accordingly, we are excited to add a Smokey Okies spin to this already phenomenal strain.  Before we get to know more about Coffee Creamer, let’s talk a bit about it’s lineage!

The Lineage of the Coffee Creamer strain: Zkittlez x Kush Mints

Coffee Creamer has two powerhouse strains backing it up in its lineage:

Zkittlez is an extremely well known strain that has been used to cross an incredible amount of amazing strains. It’s crossed with Grape Pie and Grapefruit, giving it a fruity and very berry flavor. Zkittlez is known to be an indica, but has euphoric and uplifting effects that tag along depending on the breeder.

Kush Mints is quite the well balanced strain.  Created by crossing Bubba Kush and Animal Mints, smoking this gives off an earthy and very minty flavor. Kush Mints, although a balanced hybrid, will put you to sleep if you ride out that euphoric high it initially gives you.  Truly adept for almost anything, it’s no wonder why this strain has been used to cross with by countless breeders.

The Coffee Creamer strain smells like a gassy macchiato!

Coffee Creamer is a strain that brings the fondness of early mornings to light. The smell is that of nuts and vanilla, kind of like the aroma of a pot of coffee brewing up. Coffee and cannabis are quite similar due to their extensive profile traits and uniquely plethora of varietals. This strain brings the best of both worlds together in harmony.

The Flavor of Coffee Creamer weed strain

Coffee lovers rejoice, for this is a strain that undeniably compliments a fresh cup of joe.  With its creamy and nutty overtones and it’s facts of vanilla and earthiness, it reminds me of an cup of coffee with a few splashes of vanilla creamer in it.  For those who love the 2am Waffle House run after a concert or a night out. This strain is reminiscent of late nights and early mornings.

The Effects of Smoking the marijuana strain Coffee Creamer

Coffee Creamer is a potent indica leaning hybrid that gives physical resolve to those who deal with muscle cramps, fatigue and is even an excellent remedy for hangovers!

Being from two well renowned strains, you can expect this high to last for hours on end without needing to smoke an entire bag. Coffee Creamer gave me a boost of energy that was followed by a supremely relaxing comedown. The boost of energy comes with a euphoric and uplifting facet that is perfect for the creative mind or gym rat.  Staying active will help keep this euphoric feeling going. Whereas staying idol will result in a couchlock symptom that is extremely hard to escape.

Enjoy this strain in the mornings before your daily activities or use it as a aid to help you relax and get to sleep. With Coffee Creamer, the choice is yours!


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