Continuing with our pheno hunt review of the Bulletproof Genetics x Dragon Stash breeding project, we now dive into one we have been saving: Crispy Crème.

This one is heavy on flavor, and heavy on the eyes! For fans of pastries, cakes, and cookies strains. If you like a combination of donuts and couch lock, you are going to love this one!

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The Lineage of Crispy Creme marijuana strain

As we like to do with our strain reviews, let’s first talk about this strains mommy and daddy.

  • The mother strain is Deep Fried Ice Cream (Ice Cream Cake x Deep Breath), an Indica leaning hybrid that packs a dough punch. Bulletproof Genetics created DFI by breeding their famed male, Deep Breath, with the popular Ice Cream Cake. The end result is DFI, a cultivar with a complex arrangement of calyxes that truly make the abundance of trichomes pop. With the aroma, we do notice hints of lavender, but this is obfuscated by the creamy and doughy facets that we experience along with the flavor!


  • The father strain is Dragon Stash, one of my favorite cultivars to breed with. With its aphrodisiac effects coupled with its ability to give you physical energy, this cultivar is great for date night or for a solid workout! We get heavy blueberry and kush overtones that are so pungent, it leaves no room for other facets to show themselves. On top of that, the flavor matches its aroma! This will be a solid choice that will make any cannabis connoisseur happy!

The bag appeal of Crispy Crème marijuana strain  

Crispy Crème really surprised us with its overall appearance. The nugs are beautiful. The bracts are long and dense, with calyxes ranging from light green to dark green. Its trichome production seems to be uniform as it has streaks climbing from its calyxes, inside and out.  Long story short, this cultivar is an absolute beauty in the grow room and in the grinder.

The Aroma of Crispy Crème marijuana strain

Initial smell is sweet, earthy and doughy. Truly smells like a glazed donut! After we mill it, Crispy Crème expresses a subtle gassy aroma that compliments the earthiness we get! Its almost like walking into a donut shop! Who doesn’t like smoking something that tastes as good as it smells? Lets talk about Flavor!!

Crispy Crème Strain Flavor profile

Crispy Crème has one of the most interesting flavors I have experienced. It truly tastes exactly how it smells. And that flavor is definitely all Glazed Donut. Never have I tasted something that has so much ambition to taste like its namesake.

Additionally, this strain has an enriched funk that is coated with a sweet and creamy flavor that sticks to your tongue on the exhale. If you pay close attention, you can experience a subtle gassy flavor that will linger a bit after we consume.

Effects of Smoking Crispy Creme strain

When describing the experience of smoking Crispy Crème, it is straight from the textbook definition of “Indica”.

While not everyone agrees with the archaic Indica/Sativa categories (we surely don’t and believe that dichotomy to be limiting), they do come in handy as a starting point when discussing effects.

When we hear “Indica”, we typically think of body highs that leave you relaxed, sleepy, and calm. We also know “Indicas” to give us munchies and aid with anti-inflammatory properties.

Crispy Crème has all the calling cards that your typical “Indica” will have, as well as pain relieving and anti-psychotic properties. When I consumed this cultivar, I almost immediately felt that elusive sense of relaxation your body needs. The effects were as profound as this cultivar is flavorful.


If I could leave my conclusion as a simple “Yes”, I would. But I really need you to understand how much of a yes this is. If you are the type of person that needs a catalyst for relaxation, this cultivar is it. If you are someone who works their body hard and their mind harder, I would highly recommend you add this cultivar to your cabinet of holistic medicine! The range of relief we get from this cultivar is outstanding. I am continued to be impressed by the genetics we have been producing, Crispy Cream is no exception!


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