Slow burning, long lasting, and extremely potent. Our latest infused pre-roll is also extremely flavorful. Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce to you: the Crumble Cone.

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What is a Crumble Cone?

The Crumble Cone is our take on the infused pre-roll.

Infused pre-rolls are “joints” that also contain concentrate products. The addition of concentrate enhances the potency, as well as the experience. But not all infused pre-rolls are the same.

Too often, companies will use the infusion of concentrate to mask the overall low quality of the pre-roll contents. The thought is that by increasing the overall THC, the consumer will be distracted from the low quality of the flower inside.

We are well aware of this fact, that the market lacks infused products that are also of good quality, and not just high THC. In the liquor industry, there are clear differences between simple grain alcohol products, like moonshine and “everclear,” and more refined, higher quality spirits, like aged rum, single-malt scotch, etc.

We came up with the Crumble Cone to provide an infused option that also was high quality. Let’s dive inside and see what makes it different.

What’s inside a Crumble Cone?

First, we of course use only premium indoor flower. This should be a given, as we are cultivators by trade. But you’d be surprised how many companies put throw away scraps and other garbage into their pre-rolls. This is a problem nationwide. In Oklahoma, its very common for many companies to use trim, exclusively, in their pre-rolls. Yuck!

Yes, that’s right. Most dispensaries sell pre-rolls that contain the by-product of trimming the buds, instead of the actual buds. But we never put out pre-roll products that are stuffed with filler. We use only premium flower.

After grinding our flower, we sprinkled crumble into the mix. And then we make each pre-roll by hand. Because of the consistency of the ground flower and crumble mix, a machine cannot be used. Each Crumble Cone must be made by hand.

Why we chose to use Crumble in our infused pre-roll?

When were searching for the right concentrate to use inside our pre-rolls, we evaluated several options. We wanted something that burned well when combined with the flower. We also wanted something that tasted great, and didn’t require higher temperatures to burn effectively.

The problem with kief, bubble hash, distillate, and other similar products is they do not burn very well, and often produce a harsh smoke.

Then there is crumble. It is soft, and like its name, crumbles away, so it can be rolled into a nice combination with the flower. Next, the preservation of flavor inside the crumble.

With strains like Tropical Runtz, the crumble further concentrates the flavor of a flower that already has high terps and zest.  This makes for a rather tasty smoke.

A final point is the fact that we wanted our pre-roll to contain only single-sourced material. And with the crumble, the yield from our trim and clippings was pretty good. This meant that we would be able to make enough crumble from this particular batch of plants in an amount large enough to infuse the number of pre-rolls we were after.

The Difference in using Single-Sourced cannabis concentrates inside a Pre-Roll

A single-sourced cannabis product is one where all the ingredients originate from the same, original single source. In this case, our crumble came from the same batch of plants that produced the flower inside these pre-rolls.

Another problem with infused products (and processed cannabis-concentrate products in general) is that the individual components are often sourced from completely different batches, sometimes from different facilities or farms, and even from different strains.

Think about it like this: an infused pre-roll first has the herb, which hopefully is flower. Next is the concentrate, but it often comes from a completely different source than the herb.

Here is an example of how a non-single-sourced pre-roll is made. A pre-roll maker calls up another processor. This processor has liters and liters of distillate sitting around that was made from an outdoor crop. The pre-roll maker uses that distillate, from an unknown, unverified source, to infuse in a completely separate batch of pre-rolls.

This is actually how most processed goods are made, including edibles, along with most infused pre-rolls. Even non-infused pre-rolls will often contain multiple batches or sources of grounded dry material.

But we just can jive with this style of processing. Let’s discuss why we believe in using only Single-Sourced Material.

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Our Catalogue

Why is Single-Source Cannabis Concentrate important?

If you love the cannabis plant like we do, then you love everything about it: the look, the aroma, the THC, the terpenes, and all of the wonderful cannabinoids. In sum, the essence of the plant.

And when you find a strain – a cultivar – that you really want to savor, you want to savor everything about that particular variety of cannabis. The cannabinoid make-up, the particular combination of terpenes, the flavor, the aroma and the experience are all part of the essence of that cultivar. This essence is provides what many of us call the Entourage Effect.

When choosing an infused or concentrated version of that plant, it is important to maintain the integrity of what made that plant special to begin with.

Our Crumble Cones are made with crumble that was derived from the same batch of plants that are inside the box. This is a difference that you can taste and experience. And we invite you to do both!


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