How ‘bout Dem Applez? No seriously, Dem Applez is fruity strain that tastes like a smoothie. It’s part of the Deep Breath franchise by Bulletproof Genetics. We absolutely love this strain because of its insanely smooth and delicious smoke.

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The Heavy Hitting Lineage of Dem Applez strain

Just take a look at the parents involved in creating this lady.

Deep Breath is a staple strain by our friends over at Bulletproof Genetics. It has a gassy and vanilla aroma that’s quite pungent. Deep Breath is an indica leaning hybrid that will give the giggles and then put you to sleep. We carry multiple strains with Deep Breath in its lineage, with Flame Spitter being my favorite.

Then, we move on and realize what daddy we are also dealing with:

Apples & Bananas is a masterpiece by Compound Genetics. A true hybrid strain that is packed full of flavor and will hit you super hard. It tastes just as it’s names suggests, like apples and bananas.  There is a hint of spice to it that we can attribute to the banana rind. This strain will send a tingle throughout your body that’s followed by a burst of euphoria.  This strain could be used for arousal in addition to chronic pain and depression!

Do we have a match made in heaven or what? Now that we know about the mom and dad, let’s dive in to what makes Dem Applez so special.

Reviewing the Dem Applez weed strain

Dem Applez has quite a curious look, due to its natural fox-tailing mutation.

When grown with care these mutations will grow dense and almost uniform. This particular phenotype grew to have light, beautiful shades of purple coursing through its calyxes with a gradient of greens to compliment the royal hues. The bright orange pistils reach out with a slight curl, letting you know these were harvested at the absolutely perfect moment.


Opening the jar of a fresh cultivar is one of the pleasantries some of us enthusiasts enjoy in life. This strain is one of my favorites to enjoy that moment with. It smells of fresh bananas with the slightest bit of a spicy overtone. After the grind you’ll notice that heavy banana aroma but with the arrival of a sweet apple undertone to couple it. Those with a nose that knows will notice a  bit of a green tea aroma that really finishes off the palette. Even after you smoke it you’ll get a smoke that almost smells like nectar.


I’m am thoroughly impressed with how accurate the flavor and aroma profiles match each other.  Its not often we get strains that do something that I think is spectacular. Smoking a bowl of Dem Apples is like drinking an Apples & Bananas matcha smoothie. The Deep Breath in its lineage gives it this minuscule spice flavor that resembles green tea. This is quite a refreshing smoke and would be perfect for summertime drinks and snacks!


When I first smoked this strain I was quite shocked and almost awestruck. Dem Applez is a strain that will creep up on you and whisper notes of euphoria in your ear. There’s a wave of haziness that will wash over you if you become stagnant, so be sure to keep yourself occupied, otherwise you might be taking a nap!

I spent my time getting lost in video games and listening to music.  This strain can be quite stimulating if you are in the active lifestyle. Perfect for nights out on the town with your significant other, or social functions like concerts or pub crawls! I’ve noticed this to be great for anxiety and muscle pain I’m addition to its mental stimulation.


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