At Smokey Okie’s, we are proud of our entire catalogue of cannabis strains, and excited for what is to come in 2022 (check out our Pheno-hunting videos on our YouTube channel to learn more!). But we also know that each strain is unique and special in its own way, so we love to highlight them and really dive deep on the strain on our blog, getting into the smoking experience and their flavor profile to help you decide if it’s a strain you’d like to take for a spin. 

This month, we are focusing on Divine Frost, a wintery selection that will bring you a high THC level, a great flavor and an incredible high. 

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Divine Frost Lineage

Divine Frost comes from a cross between Divine Gelato #3 and Permafrost. This specific cross was bred by In-House Genetics, and brings a unique combination. Divine Gelato in and of itself is a complex strain, stemming from Gelato Do-Si and Sunset Do-Si. This means it’s got a sweet dessert flavor, like a creamy scoop of gelato, and sweet like a cookie. It’s got a high THC level between 18-22%, creating a calming effect without being debilitating. Meanwhile, Permafrost gives you visions of snow-covered pine trees, as it is covered in lots of crystal trichomes and has the scent of pine. It’s earthy and as calming as a quiet winter morning. 

Flavor Profile

The draw of Divine Frost begins with its appearance. This beauty features a frost laden dark purple exterior wrapping a bright green core. Topped off with contrasting bright orange pistils, these sticky buds are truly visually pleasing.

Right up front the lemon zest and pine needles jump out at you. After thestronger  notes smooth out, you are left with a combination of earthen spice and a slight wintergreen menthol flavor.

As we teach in our blog series all about shopping for the best strain for you, the flavor profile of a marijuana strain comes chiefly from the terpenes that are present. When it comes to Divine Frost, you can expect exactly what the name portrays, an icy kick. The principle terpenes found in Divine Frost are:

  • Pinene
    If you’ve ever smoked a weed that smells or tastes of pine, then it likely had pinene in it. It also can bring undertones of rosemary and orange with it.
  • Limonene
    Limonene is the second most abundant terpene, but not all strains have it. Limonene brings with it the tropical lemony twist that some describe as sour.
  • Caryophyllene
    This terpene has spicy and peppery notes which can complement the earthy tones with a bit of a kick. In this case, a frosty kick.

  • Myrcene
    Myrcene is an earthy terpene and is cherished for its relaxing qualities.
  • Nerolidol
    This is a floral terpene, but also mixed with some apple, citrus and fresh bark. Essentially, nerolidol is Mother Nature in a terpene. Neroli oil is also used for many homeopathic purposes, including stress reduction, blood pressure reduction and more.
  • Humilene
    If you have ever thought your weed smells like beer when smoked, you likely had a strain with humilene in it. Derived from hops, it provides a very herby flavor and aroma.

Smoking Experience

The smoking experience with Divine Frost is unique; it toes that very thin line between relaxed and sedated quite well. Both Divine Gelato and Permafrost deliver high levels of THC, so there is definitely a relaxed effect from this smoking experience. However, when combined with the terpenes present, you can experience a full body calm that can help with focus and bring about happiness, without being overly excited, nervous, or anxious. 

On the pre-flame draw, the more dominant lemon and pine flavors stand out individually with again, that menthol finish. The best way I can describe it would be to take out a piece of wintergreen gum from my mouth, squeeze a lemon into a cold glass of IPA, and take a big drink. Post flame, the lemon and pine notes blend together and smooth out into an earthy finish. You can truly taste the cold mountain air in this refreshing smoke.

This is a strain that could be smoked at all times of day, even if you need to be productive. When smoked heavily, the power of the THC and other terpenes can show their strength and help with hyperfocus.

We suggest Divine Frost for:

Because it can help with focus and can also help to remain calm, yet functional, Divine Frost is a good options for those who are struggling with:

  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Depression

Higher THC levels, like those found in Divine Frost, also can help with pain management, making it a great options for those who struggle with:

  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Multiple sclerosis

Be sure to check out our full menu online, and check back on the blog for more great strain reviews so that you can be informed when you shop for your next batch. 


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