We are back with another strain from Ethos Genetics. This time, we decided to grow one of their “End Game” crosses. We chose the End Game backcross for its fruity profile and large yield potential. Let’s dive right in and see what we found.

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The Lineage behind “The End Game RBX” aka “The Punch Line” marijuana strain

Ethos Genetics has created several variations of the End Game. All of these variations involve some combination of Cherry Punch crossed with Ethos Cookies. The differences arise in how these different genotypes were bred, though crossing and backcrossing. Never a dull moment for breeding geeks when discussing Ethos Genetics.

The version that we are growing has been dubbed  “The Punch Line”, and as its name suggests, this is powerful flower that will leave you feeling out of this world.

About the parent strains: Cherry Punch x Ethos Cookies

Cherry Punch is originally a strain by Symbiotic Genetics. Ethos added their Ethos Cookies #16 to give it that extra punch in the berry flavor. This strain is energizing, uplifting and quite euphoric.

Ethos Cookies #4 has a sour orange mixed with gasoline for it aroma and it absolutely lets you know its there. In addition to that gassy citrus, EC#4 has a sandalwood overtone that comes out on the exhale. This strain make sends you to the moon with its euphoric effects

The Appearance of “The Punch Line” strain

The Punch Line has an array of green hues thats balanced in contrast by its vibrant orange pistils. You can expect medium sized nugs that are relatively dense compared to the average cultivar. It breaks up quite easily by hand and even more so by grinder. This strain is truly boutique level in its overall aesthetic.

The Aroma profile of The End Game TPL marijuana strain

End Game TPL has an aroma that puts my nose straight into a bakery. Its berry and tart overtones are faceted by a creamy and skunk undertone. When you grind this up, it dominates the airspace with its myriad of scents.

The berries and cream are quite profound; we get this trait from the mother plant Cherry Punch. We can surmise that the gassy and skunky smell we get comes straight from the Ethos Cookies #4, which is known for its orange and gasoline fragrance.

Flavor profile of The End Game TPL marijuana strain

I can take the easy way out and say the flavor matches the aroma, which it does… But where’s the passion in that?

This strain bursts with berries and cream without giving disguise to that funky flavor we get from the Ethos Cookies #4. To put it plainly, smoking this makes you feel like you are eating a fresh blueberry danish straight from the hand of the master baker.

The Effects of Smoking The End Game RBX aka The Punch Line

I love this strain because it is truly versatile in its effects. We know Ethos for their passion and undying effort used to create their stable genetics. End Game “The Punch Line” has its place for every user due its “hybrid” traits.

It gives you energy, but not too much that it forces you out of relaxation. You can feel a tingle starting in your nose that traces its way to your toes. You can use this strain to unleash that creative side, work out or make mowing the lawn enjoyable. On the other side of this flexible strain, you can use it to enjoy a good book, movie, or even a solid nap!


In summary, End Game “The Punch Line” not only smells and tastes quite incredible, it also contains beneficial traits perfect for anyone to use throughout the day.

I find it perfect for those that suffer from mental struggles such as PTSD, Insomnia and anxiety. It could also be used to aid in pain relief situations for those who need an extra crutch. Overall, this strain would be an absolute incredible addition to anyone’s medicine cabinet!


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