A unique cannabis strain descending from a rare Pakistani landrace with modern-day Platinum Punch to create the ultimate hybrid of “old meets new” for the cannabis connoisseur looking for something truly “exotic.”

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Lineage of Platinum Swabi Punch

  • Lineage: Platinum Punch x a rare Swabi Pakistani landrace
  • Breeder: Mass Medical Strains
  • Cultivated by: Smokey Okies Cannabis (Oklahoma City, Okla.)

When you hear someone describe “exotic” cannabis, what does that mean to you? We often hear the word “exotic” used to describe newer strains, more recently bred within the last few years, and the term is usually reserved for strains that have an exceptionally attractive look, usually frosted in trichomes, combined with a strong nose.

But what if we used that term to describe not only top shelf quality cannabis, but something that is truly exotic.

Afterall, the term exotic should refer to cannabis that correlates with the very definition of the word, am I right? And if we look at the definition of Exotic, we see that it is an adjective meant to describe something “originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country.”

Well, now, that’s interesting. Because the term exotic is meant to describe something so unique and impressive to us, something we’ve never seen, indicating that it must be from another land.

Well, in that case, this strain review features a cultivar that is truly exotic in every sense of the word, especially how it is used in current cannabis culture.

The Landrace genetics involved in breeding Platinum Swabi Punch

New to the line up at Smokey Okies is Platinum Swabi Punch, from breeder Mass Medical Strains. We’ve had success with MMS genetics in the past, such as our Prayer Pupil that we keep on regular rotation, so we were excited about this one.

Platinum Swabi Punch is the product of Platinum Punch crossed with a Swabi Pakistani landrace. As MMS describes it, this is “the ultimate hybrid of new-meets-old,” and we couldn’t agree more.

We honestly did not know what to expect. But once the flower was cured, trimmed, and ready for market, we were blown away by the frosty appearance of this truly exotic strain.

The visual appearance of Platinum Swabi Punch

These nugs have modern day bag-appeal combined with timeless visual characteristics of good ganja.  This strain is colorful, frosty, and just plain beautiful. The dark purple hues poke through a gray and silver shield of trichomes, giving the buds a unique color. Are they purple or gray or green? Grind them up and the salad gets even more complex.

Looking at these buds is like looking at a rare gem that Indiana Jones found while trekking through the jungles to discover.

Terpene Profile of Platinum-Swabi-Punch

The top terpenes contained in this pheno are:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Nerolidol
  • Limonene
  • Humulene

Also involved is lower quantities are Bisabolol, Myrcene, and Pinene. Cannabis is so amazing in its infinite combinations and permutations of various terpenes. Each combination provides a unique flavor, aroma, and experience. This novel strain provides many of our favorite terpenes.

Caryophyllene is an antioxidant with properties that fight inflammation. It also provides an earthy spice (think cinnamon, nutmeg, etc) that can really add punch to a flavor profile. In addition, Nerolidol adds floral tones while the Humulene and Limonene add an IPA-hops spice that provide a cerebral effect and suppresses the appetite.

The Smoking Experience of Platinum Swabi Punch

When I think of smoking an exotic landrace from the mountains of Pakistan, I get ready for an epic journey. We are going on a trek to a mysterious place, high in the sky. Summon the Weedian. With bong in hand, it is time to journey to the smoke-filled-land.

The first crack at the bag, you see the shiny trichome, gray and silver buds. You grind them up and the aroma is unleased. You load the bong, and fire away. You exhale thick white smoke.

The Caryophyllene and Nerolidol provide creep into your body and your face. As you begin to relax, you also smile. The limonene keeps your brain alert and your mind is now ready for creative endeavors, or perhaps a deep dive into pure escapism of books, movies, and stories.

If you are looking for flower that is truly exotic, try Platinum-Swabi-Punch, cultivated by Smokey Okies Cannabis in Oklahoma City.

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