At Smokey Okies Cannabis Grow Op, we get lots of questions from dispensary retailers and processors about our products and processes.

We also want to provide accessible information to the commercial buying public, and that is why we have created this blog: to share information about our products and processes. Without further ado, let’s jump into answering frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Oklahoma Wholesale Cannabis

Is your product tested?

Yes, everything that we bring to market is tested by a fully licensed lab. Our tests are full compliance tests which provide information about the flower’s potency (THC %), cannabinoid profile, and terpene profile. We maintain these lab tests and can email them to prospective purchasers. We also maintain them so that if one of our customers misplaces their copy, they can always call to ask for testing on a product that was ordered in the past.

Do you grow Indoor, Outdoor, or Greenhouse?

We are an indoor grow operation. We grow in pots using coco coir, and we use the highest quality nutrients. We meticulously monitor our water quality and everything that we feed the plant. Every single one of our plants gets human attention every single day. And we have thousands of plants going at any give time. They all get love and attention.

What medium do you grow in?

We grow in coco coir, which is a by-product of coconut shells that is discarded. A quick lesson about coco: many different industries in Asia will use the fibers (hairs) from coconut shells to make products, such as textiles. There is a certain amount of discarded product that is considered waste (i.e. parts of the coconut shell fiber that can’t be used in apparel). This “waste” product is then imported to North America where we in the cannabis industry use it as a soil substitute to grow our cannabis in. The great part about using coco coir is that we are using a renewable natural resource that is always being recycled. Growing in coco is good for the environment!

Who does your growing?

Everyone on our team is 100% Okie, which means we have a hard working team that arrives early and stays late, and delivers 100% effort every day.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we can deliver to your store or office location. Restrictions may apply depending on how far away you are from our grow, and we may require a minimum purchase amount for long distances. For more information, send an email to

Do you pre-package your flower?

Unless requested, all of our flower is packaged in pounds in air tight bags. However, we always offer our business customers options. We can provide you bulk flower, packaged in pounds, or we can pre-package ounces or other amounts upon request. There will be additional charges for packaging and labor, but the benefit of pre-packaging is that it shows your retail customer the “farm to table” origin of the cannabis they are buying. The retail customer in today’s market values information and transparency, and flower that is pre-packaged by the grower often satisfies this desire of today’s retail customer in Oklahoma.

Do you sell half-pounds and quarter-pounds?

Yes, we do, based on availability. For more information, send an email to

What strains do you carry?

We have grown over 30-something strains, and we are constantly listening to our commercial customers and to the market. Therefore, we have cycled through many different strains. For a list of our current inventory, send an email to:

What are you prices?

If you are a licensed dispensary or processor, we would be happy to provide you with a sales quote. Send an email to


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