You might have turn up that air conditioning while you enjoy this one. We are bringing you the HEAT with this Flame Spitter!

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How the Breeder, Bulletproof Genetics, created the Flame Spitter strain

Flame Spitter is part of a collaboration between Bulletproof Genetics and Dragon Flame Genetics. These two breeders shared with each other some of their choice male and female plants to create something really new and special. And the best part is that we at Smokey Okies are among the first cannabis growers in the U.S. to get a shot at growing these new strains!

Accordingly, we are excited to share with you the results of what these Bulletproof x Dragons Flame strains have to offer.

The Lineage of Flame Spitter: Deep Breath x Dragons Stash

The lineage for Flame Spitter comes from its mother, Deep Breath by Bulletproof Genetics, and from its father, Dragons Stash by Dragons Flame Genetics. Both cultivars are proprietary to the breeders and make for an incredibly enticing combination.

With its light green bracts that fade into a soft purple at the tips, Flame Spitter really makes the trichomes pop as they penetrate the dense calyxes. We will go over the characteristics of what makes this cultivar perfect for those who need to spark up conversation. That includes the aroma, flavor profile and the effects. Let’s get started with the aroma!

The Aroma of the Flame Spitter buds

I find it appealing when I come across cultivars that have aromas new to my senses. That’s why I am loving this Flame Spitter. It has an interesting mix of this sweet and chemically vanilla overtone with a facet of heavy gasoline covered blueberries. I can imagine we pull the vanilla and fuel aromas from Deep Breath and the sour blueberries from the Dragons Stash.

If we dive deeper into the lineage here, we can certainly explain why we are getting this funky entanglement of vanilla, gasoline, and blueberries.

You see, Deep Breath is known for its heavy vanilla and gassy aromas. It being a resinous plant lets the smell linger and really explode when its put through a grinder. Dragon Stash, being the flagship in Dragons Flame Genetics, has a heavy blueberry, citrus, and gasoline aroma to it. With our phenotype we have the gasoline covered blueberry profile and mixed with Deep Breath, it gives us the incredibly unique aromatic notes described previously.

The Flavor profile of Flame Spitter Strain

When it comes to flavor, Flame Spitter truly brings that heat to our palette. We are getting a vibrant vanilla overtone with a touch of that fuel flavor we love so much. It is quite interesting how those two flavors meander into a truly unique profile that’s complimented by the unrefined earthy note on the backend. We aren’t getting that same blueberry taste that we pick up with our nose. It seems to be overpowered by the heavy facet of vanilla and fuel!

I get hit with a sense of nostalgia when enjoying this strain. It reminds me of eating those sweet carrots that I hated as a kid but have grown to love as an adult. It is not often that I get memories rushing back to me based off the flavor I get from a smoking a certain cultivar. For this reason alone, I will be sure to add this to my cabinet of cultivars I thoroughly enjoy.

The Effects of Smoking Flame Spitter strain

Need help relaxing? We got you! Flame Spitter gives us the ability to use it diversely. If you want to sit on the couch and watch movies or play video games, this cultivar invites you to do so. But it is certainly not forcing you.

I have noticed that this cultivar doesn’t hold you back from doing anything physical or creative. In fact, it allows you to stimulate the artist in you with its euphoric effects. Truly nonchalant, with Flame Spitter you get the best of both worlds in addition to its relaxing and pain-relieving qualities. I find it impressive when any cultivar gives you the ability to use it how YOU want it to be used. With Flame Spitter, you get exactly that.


Flame Spitter is one among four projects we are working on for Bulletproof Genetics and Dragons Flame Genetics pheno hunt. We are loving the Deep Breaths ability to maintain a hybrid like effect with these phenotype we are working with. Flame Spitter is unique in its own right via its ability to truly let you do what you want while under its influence.

All in all, I am extremely excited about this strain and the other Bulletproof x Dragons Flame strains we are hunting. We have worked hard and will continue to do so to bring patients high quality flower at its purest form. We work for the medicine so the medicine can work for you!


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