Ethos Genetics has been producing amazing cannabis genetics since 1993. It is no wonder why their catalogue is valiantly sought after. Everything that Ethos Genetics puts out is incredible in terms of yield and vibrancy, aromatic complexity, flavor, and potency. Grandpa’s Stash is no exception.

In this review, we will explore the Lineage, Appearance, Aroma and Flavor of Grandpa’s Stash marijuana strain. Lastly we will discuss the effects and how I find it suitable to my personal experience. Lets dive into the genetics shall we?!

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The Lineage of Grandpa’s Stash Marijuana Strain

Grandpa’s Stash is a cross of several titans of 20th Century Cannabis: Super Skunk  x Afghan Kush x OG Kush.

Super Skunk is a glorious strain that’s crossed with Skunk #1 and Afghani. With its robust effects, you will be laying in the realm of relaxation for hours. It has pain relieving effects that radiate through the entire body and will leave you feeling refreshed afterwards. Supremely enticing for those who love that skunk profile!

Afghan Kush is mostly sought after for its extremely resinous characteristics. Breeders love this strain because the option for insanely gooey buds are always a plus. Afghan Kush is excellent for relaxing and chronic stress. It has that renowned kush aroma and flavor that connoisseurs seek out.

OG Kush is no underdog. It was undoubtedly the backbone of West Coast breeding for an entire generation. One of the most common parent strains out there.

Despite its widespread use in breeding, and overall popularity and familiar to the general public, its lineage has always been shrouded in mystique. Many believe OG Kush to be a descendent of Hindu Kush or ChemDawg.

Regardless of the details of its origin, what we do know is that OG Kush provides that familiar dank nose. Known to kickstart an appetite as well as mediate mood swings, OG Kush is diverse in its traits.

All of three of these strains have at least two things in common:

  1. A dank, kushy nose, and
  2. A propensity to dump big yields on Harvest Day.

Those are great qualities in a cultivar from a grower’s perspective, no doubt. Now let’s explore how this strain performs from a consumer’s perspective.

The Appearance of Grandpa’s Stash nugs

Grandpa’s Stash has a hue of greens mixed with orange, almost amber, pistils that exude from the bracts. Dense and fluffy nugs that are absolutely gorgeous as it breaks down. Keep in mind that this strain has Afghan Kush in it, making it extra resinous super flavorful.

The Aroma of Grandpa’s Stash Strain

Piney, Chemmy and Skunky… Grandpa’s Stash has an aroma that traces back to the days when cannabis was first being pioneered. It has a nostalgic smell that most other strains are reluctant to give off. Don’t worry, this strain most certainly is not shy when it comes to its aroma.

Flavor Profile of Grandpa’s Stash marijuana strain

This one is interesting. It has a flavors of Dank and Diesel, which are flavors that were almost made for each other… and then there’s the Fruity, yet Spicy, flavor we get that just doesn’t make sense.

This mix of opposing flavors makes more for an incredible experience on the palate, but it is hard to nail down and describe. Consume it with your friends and its sure to leave everyone tasting something different!!

The Effects of smoking Grandpa’s Stash strain

Have you ever been in a state of blissfulness why being mentally energized? Well, thats exactly what Grandpa’s Stash has to offer.

It has a sedating effect that is mellow enough to compliment the euphoria it has to offer. Leaving you relaxed, yet creative. Euphoric, yet blissful. I find Grandpa’s Stash to be excellent for those that struggle with mood swings and insomnia.


Grandpa’s Stash is excellent for those who are constantly anxious and can’t sleep. Honestly, load a bowl or roll a joint of this and let it guide you to that realm of relaxation. I find it to be outstanding for those of the creative mind as well. As always, we wish you a happy smoke session!


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