I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. We’ve got a aromatic and flavorful strain to dissect in this article. Created by Matt Knudson of Leaf Logic Cultivation, and hunted by the team at Smokey Okies Cannabis, this strain has left quite an impact on me. I’m excited to introduce this one to you.

Grab your pipe, papers, and glass, and burn down with us as we learn about this new strain, Guava Jelly Sundae.

How we discovered the Guava Jelly Sundae strain

We actually received these seeds as a gift.

You see, we were dropping off fresh frozen plants one day with a local hashmaker, Leaf Logic Concentrates, and our guys were chatting with their guys about pheno hunting. Pretty soon, the guys at Leaf Logic were handing us seeds to go hunt.

They gave us two bags of seeds: one was the Jelly Payton, and the other was the Guava Jelly Sundae, which we immediately planted and began hunting.

After many weeks of growing, Dan selected his pheno and immediately brought it into the office, as see below:

About the Lineage of Guava Jelly Sundae strain

Guava Jelly Sundae was created by Matt Knudson of Leaf Logic Cultivation, another fellow grower down here in Oklahoma.  To create the Guava Jelly Sundae strain, Matt used the following parent strains:

  • A male from a pack of seeds bred by Robby Greenthumbs (RGT) that consisted of (Grape Pie x Melon Jelly x Biscotti Sundae);
  • Crossed into a favorite pheno of StrawGuava S1 from Bloom Seeds.

Matt is a big fan of RGT Genetics, and was excited to utilize some of his genetics in this new cross. When he stumbled upon a male from the (Grape Pie x Melon Jelly x Biscotti Sundae) seed pack, the time was right to start this breeding project.

By taking the male (Grape Pie x Melon Jelly x Biscotti Sundae), and pollenating his Strawberry Guava pheno, the resulting seeds became the Guava Jelly Sundae strain.

Matt and guys formed the Jelly Beanz Seed Co brand to sell this new strain, as well as the Jelly Payton strain, which we also hunted and reviewed.

Even though this strain was bred for hash making, we are reviewing the cured flower in this article, and sharing our opinion on smoking the herb, not the hash.

Guava Jelly Sundae Strain Review

Guava Jelly Sundae has a heart formation of dense nugs when it’s in its final flower form. These nugs are mostly lime green with a darker gradient through out ifs calyxes and bracts. Teeming with orange pistils that reach up as invitation to consume. When grown with care, these flowers can become quite large and heavily resinous.


As soon as you open a container of Guava Jelly Sundae, you will know you made the right decision. With this strain we get an insane amount of fruity and spicy aromas that soothe the palette. It has a fine carb aroma that almost smells like biscuit. This undertone pairs exceptionally well with the grape flavored jelly. This combination almost lets you smell the butter on a biscuit with jelly. When you exhale a spice berry aroma will take over the room with force.


Guava Jelly Sundae has an intriguing flavor that combines a sweet and buttery profile. It has the heavy guava jelly overtone that almost tastes like candy. As you exhale you’ll notice a hint of spice berries and and cream that seems to take up a lot of space in the room.   But this tone is followed by multiple facets of buttered biscuits and graham crackers.  Overall I’d say this tastes very similar to a jelly biscuit! 


This phenotype differs a bit by steering away from the heavy indica sensation. Although it does leave you feeling relaxed and pain free, it offers quite the euphoric effect on the initial high. Starting behind the eyes, you’ll notice a tingly creeping sensation that begins to course through your body. At this point you’ll be in a giggly stage that’s perfect for social interactions.  Even with the comedown you’ll still have enough liftoff to enjoy your night and be free of anxiety and muscle pain!

This strain is perfect for those who enjoy a night out I’m on the town. It relieves the nerves of social anxiety giving you the perfect platform to be your true self in public settings.


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