We’ve been asked for quite some time now when we would enter the edibles market. We looked around at what we felt was lacking in the Oklahoma edibles market and we saw a glaring need for strain-specific, full spectrum gummies.

We noticed that the edibles market is so different from the flower market. Flower purchases are all about terps, cannabinoids, the lineage of the parent strains, and all that cool stuff that makes cannabis flower so much fun to begin with.

But the edibles market? Those folks have very little options outside of flavors and food types. Sure, maybe the products range from gummies to cupcakes and more, but it’s what’s inside that is lacking.

In this article, we will share with you the features, benefits and advantages of our Solventless Gummies.

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What are Solventless Gummies?

To understand why we make solventless gummies, and why they are different, it’s best to first understand how conventional marijuana edibles are made.

Marijuana edibles are food products that have been infused with some form of cannabis concentrate. The focus is generally on THC or CBD. The manufacturer will then source those compounds in an isolate form. This means that they will take pure THC isolate or pure CBD isolate and inject it into the food.

What is THC/CBD isolate?

An isolate is just that: an isolated compound. No other chemical compounds or components exist in an isolate.

Generally, the processor/manufacturer will take biomass product and use chemical agents to extract the various compounds from the plant material. From there, the compounds will be chemically separated, so that all that remains is the THC (or CBD or whatever compound is being isolated).

How do other edible companies make isolate for their gummies?

How is this done in real life? A processor will take a large amount of biomass. Think a giant batch of outdoor plant material. It can be either flower or just the trim, or it can be the whole plant. Often, it is whatever can be purchased for the cheapest price. So think low quality trim — basically by products of the stuff you want, which is the sacred ganja plant and her flowers.

After gathering this biomass, they will blast it with various chemical solventless. They are attempting to strip away the THC compound, and isolate it separately, by removing everything else. And by removing everything else, they remove the good and the bad.

If they bought cheap outdoor junk that had mold and other issue, they can strip away all that bad stuff. But they also strip away all the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and beneficial compounds.

This is why the typical edible yields a very limited experience. It contains a limited spectrum of cannabis compounds. Completely unlike the experience of smoking a specific strain, where you get to engage with all the compounds, and thus all the wonderful aspects of that flower.

Why use Rosin as the source of infusion for these gummies?

Rosin, or hash rosin, is a favored extract for concentrate consumers, and for good reason. Hash rosin is made from a very simple process, that minimizes processing and maximizes capturing the original essence of the plant in concentrate form.

Rosin can be made with live cannabis plants (prior to drying/curing), or with cured flower. In either case, the flowers are first washed in ice water to remove the trichomes. Those trichomes are then collected. A gentle amount of heat and pressure is applied to “squish” out the resin. What results is a beautifully delicate concentrate that takes the form of either a dryer crumble or a wetter butter, depending on the terpene profile.

Rosin is cherished for its unrefined and pure taste, both when smoking it as well as when ingesting it as an edible. It’s immaculate taste comes from the lack of chemical agents used in the processing, as well as the simplicity in how it is made.

Because of the minimalist process — ice water, then apply heat and pressure — the end product is not so far removed from the original source: the flower. This is why you can taste the flower when you smoke rosin.

So we’ve covered the flavor and purity aspect of Rosin. But what else is there? Glad you asked.

The “Full Spectrum” benefits of Solventless Gummies

As we alluded to earlier, when you use chemical solvents to extract your THC, you remove the good and the bad. In this case, the “good” refers to all of the other cannabinoids that make up the cannabis plant.

This would include the terpenes, as well as the other cannabinoids: CBG, CBN, and all the other compounds that could take up an entire article.

However, with our Solventless Gummies, you are getting everything that you would get from smoking the flower, which is the purest way of consuming. Now you can get the benefit without having to smoke the flower.

But wait, there’s more….

Our Gummies are made from a Single Source and are Strain Specific

Do not overlook this feature of our gummies! This is what separates the best from the rest.

Smokey Okie’s Solventless gummies are strain specific, because they are made from a single source.

Unlike the vast majority of other gummy products, we can tell you exactly what batch of plants were used to make up any one bag of our gummies. This is because we are big proponents of single source processing, which means our processed goods are made with a single batch of cannabis plants — not a mish mash of thousands of different plants and strains.

Similar to our crumble cones, our solventless gummies were made using single batches of cured flower. We did not combine strains. That means that each bag of gummies is strain specific.

Other gummy products are, at best, labeled “sativa” or “indica”… terms that are already vague and limiting.  But those products can’t be any more specific because the processors themselves probably don’t even know what strains were used. They most likely bought large batches of cheap trim, and just relied on the word of the seller whether the batch was mainly “sativa” or “indica.” That kind of dealing won’t fly around here.

Made with premium Indoor Cannabis Flower

Our Gummies are:

  • Solventless (not made with chemical agents)
  • Full Spectrum,
  • Strain Specific, and
  • originate from a Single-Source: Our premium Indoor Cannabis Flower

In order to made the rosin that we use to infuse our gummies, we first selected a batch of cured flower. We didn’t use trim. We used cured flower. That means, we went through the normal rigorous task of growing premium indoor flower.

We didn’t even know we were going to use this batch for processing. So all the same love and care that would go into growing plants for a flower product went into these batches of plants that were used for these gummies.

When we decided to enter the edibles market, we looked at our inventory and we selected two strains for our initial run: California Dream and Mind Flayer.

The Benefits of Consuming Solventless, Full Spectrum Gummies

When you consume one of our gummies, you are getting all the cannabinoids and terpenes that you would get from the actual flower. And that is what makes these gummies so special.

You are not getting a limited experience, as is the case with edibles made with isolates. Instead, you are getting everything that makes up these specific strains of flower. And that will provide a deeper experience, in addition to just the THC.


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