Are you looking for a fairytale ending to an already fantastic day? Or do you need a boost of happiness to ease you into relaxation at the end of a rough evening? Well, we are going to learn about one of the best strains that can help you accomplish these goals.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you, Happily Ever After (HEA), yet another fantastic strain from BulletProof Genetics. HEA would even have chilled out the evil stepmother from Cinderella.

I am supremely excited to be studying this cultivar. But before we dive into it, let’s talk about its lineage and what makes it so unique.

The Lineage of Happily Ever After: Wedding Pie x Prom Queen

The lineage of Happily Ever After lies in two strains, both from midwest breeders.

Wedding Pie  hardly needs an introduction. Bred by Cannarado Genetics in Colorado, this strain is known for it’s relaxing and giggly high. Wedding Pie has a sweet and creamy aroma that has strong hints of berries and lemons. This strain has been one of the best strains to breed with if you want a relaxing high that won’t put you to sleep.

Prom Queen, also bred by Bulletproof Genetics, is a indica leaning hybrid that slight sativa characteristics. Prom Queen will initially make your mind race and put you under a giggle spell. Shortly after you’ll begin to cell extremely relaxed without a care in the world.

Bulletproof Genetics crossed these two strains to create a storybook ending in Happily Ever After.


Reviewing the Strain: Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After is quite the elegant looking strain. It grows into medium sized nugs that are seemingly dense.  It has dark green calyxes with bright green bracts.  There is a purple hue that courses throughout the body of the flower. Accompanied by bright orange pistils that exude from the bract that gives it almost an extraterrestrial look to it. Happily Ever After most certainly gives the fairy tale vibes through it’s aesthetic.


This strain absolutely passes the sniff test. It has magical facets of creamy earthiness that is not bound by its robustness. Coupled by a hint of tropical fruit and a diesel aroma for its undertones. Happily Ever After gives you a fresh release of anxiety strictly from its aroma. Pulling this strain out of the bag will absolutely give you a breathe of fresh air before your first toke! 


Happily Ever After paves the way for a beautiful day. It has flavors that compliment each other from opposite sides of the spectrum. We have creamy hints of fuel matched by robust tropical flavors that give it the backbone of a good tasting strain. I have been ever so anxious to get into this bag after I’ve tasted it for the first time. Happily Ever After will linger in your mouth in the best of ways

Effects of Smoking Happily Ever After

You wouldn’t think this strain to be a supremely well balanced strains due to its legendary lineage.

After first toke, you’ll initially feel a calming sensation spread over your body, almost like a weighted blanket.  This feeling is followed by a focusing sensation that will help you have a good time with those mundane tasks you’ve been neglecting. You could alternatively ride that sensation to play video games, write or just enjoy your favorite tv show.  Overall, this strain makes you feel comfortable. It gives you ease from the pain in your muscles and nerves. I highly recommend it to be added into your cabinet.



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