If you have been following along with all of our Runtz-related content over the past few weeks, you’ll want to head back and read more about why Runtz are so popular and all about the Runtz strains you can find at Smokey Okie’s. Head over to our blog!

No two strains of marijuana are the same, both in taste and in growing methods. Runtz has some pretty specific needs when growing, so it’s probably not the best strain to start with if you are a beginner when it comes to cannabis growing. We will help to unpack some of the pros and cons of growing Runtz so you can be prepared if you attempt to take a stab at it yourself. 

Pros to Growing Runtz Strains

  • Popularity
    Runtz is a popular strain for a number of reasons, including its sweet and fruity flavor profile, and provides happy and euphoric effects. This means that growing or having Runtz strains on hand means that you will have a strain to recommend to others that is, in general, a crowd pleaser.
  • Variety
    There are a growing number of Runtz strains, so you will have the ability to pick one that is high quality (if you purchase from a reputable breeder) and also suits your preferences.
  • Location
    Runtz strains can be grown both indoor or outdoor, so if you don’t have the proper indoor space to grow, you can wait until favorable conditions will be present outdoors and begin the growing process. Many amateur growers will experience the need to grow Runtz outdoors, as the plant height can get up to six feet tall.
  • Fast Finish
    Our Runtz strains consistently finish on time (for us that is around day 60). Moreover, they can finish to maturity even if the PPFD is low, such as when a light goes out, or near the edges/corners of a room that may be less lit. Apple Tartz, for example, is always a safe bet to place in an area with less optimal lighting.

Cons of Growing Runtz Strains

  • Feed
    Most Runtz strains like to feed… they will suck it up and put it to work! Our Apple Tartz requires a lot of feed, as do the other Runtz strains. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but is just another consideration in your decision to cultivate Runtz strains.
  • Yield
    For a plant that likes to eat and drink, it sure doesn’t yield a proportionate amount of flower! Probably most disappointing aspect of growing runtz strains is the yield. While the high and the flavor are a pro, even commercial growers don’t get a high yield from Runtz cannabis. For each plant grown indoors, you may only get 1-2 ounces of weed per square foot, well below what is considered average. You can get a higher yield outdoors, but even so, Runtz doesn’t deliver a high yield.
  • Difficulty
    Runtz strains tend to be finicky. If you are inexperienced in growing marijuana or haven’t yet had much success, growing Runtz may be a lot of time and effort wasted for a low yield, or no yield if you take any missteps. 

For all its pros and cons, Runtz is popular and we are here to do the leg work for you, growing the best smelling, tasting Runtz you can buy in Oklahoma in a number of varieties. 

Check out our full strain profile online and reach out to us if you are a dispensary owner ready to stock your shelves with our expert-crafted Smokey Okie’s buds.


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