It smells of sweet and sour flowers and tastes like a silky peach with a side of lemonade. Perfect for picnics or relaxing at home while it makes you drift away into relaxation. Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you Honeydew Blossom!

We’re going to dive into why this strain makes you insanely happy and free of your emotional burdens.

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The Lineage of the Honeydew Blossom strain

This strain was created by Ethos Genetics, a breeder that is renowned for their slow pace and painstaking approach to creating strains giving the utmost attention to genetic stability. They don’t just find a seed and call it a new strain. They instead go through the long, tedious process of refining and stabilizing it before launching on the market. And their hard work pays off.

To create this strain, Ethos used their very own Member Berry, and crossed it with Peach Ringz by Dying Breed Seeds.

  • Peach Ringz packs a powerful sweet and sour punch with heavy peach overtones. Its a solid hybrid that gives you a euphoric lift before it guides you to sleep. Perfect for insomniacs that like to game before passing out.
  • Member Berry is hybrid strain that leans a little bit on the indica side. It smells ripe of citrus and berries with skunk being the heart of the aroma. With a balance between a cerebral and body high. This strain is useful for tasks that require focus and concentration.

Appearance of Honeydew Blossom strain

Honeydew Blossom has massive, swirling buds that resemble a galaxy turning in on itself. With its calyxes short of fox tailing, it gives off a cosmic essence full of bright and dark greens with purple hues. Its super sticky, which makes it excellent for making concentrate. Who wouldn’t want to taste the sweet resinous essence of this beautiful flower? 

Aroma of Honeydew Blossom strain

This strain truly smells like you’re walking through a garden of lemons, berries and flowers. There is no subtlety in its namesake being translated into the aroma. Heavy berry overtones with a skunky aura that masquerades the peach until you grind it up. A room full of Honeydew Blossom can almost overwhelm the nose with its dense facets of limonene and myrcene together.

The Flavor of Honeydew Blossom strain

 For the most part, the flavor does match the aroma famously. Along with the lemons and berries, we get a heavy peach flavor that coincides perfectly with our overall profile. The peach brings together all the facets that we love about this strain, all into one cohesive flavor profile. What can be better than a strain that tastes like a power smoothie on a crisp fall day?

The Effects after smoking the strain Honeydew Blossom

We get a solid Hybrid effect with this beauty here. With it having extreme euphoric effects accompanied by its incredible ability to usher you into sedation, we get the best of what hybrids have to offer here.

Consuming Honeydew Blossom gave me the perfect boost needed to complete my studies as my night neared its end. I found this strain to be excellent for insomniacs that like to tap into their creative side before sending themselves to rest.

Don’t let its sedation effects trick you into thinking this is fully an indica. When micro-dosing, we can truly harness that euphoric aspect without getting a garnish of sleepiness. With this potent strain in your arsenal, you’ll stay ready for whatever may come your way. 


With this strain having an interesting diversity in it terpenes and cannabinoids, along with it comes a most curious medicinal profile. It reduces stress, calms your muscles, and gives you a boost of euphoria. These are just a few examples of how the entropic profile of this strain can aid in a multitude of ailments. And honestly, I would consume this strain purely for its flavor.

This psychotropic pairs well with floral and fruity drinks like Long Island Ice Teas. We know that everyone has a different structure to how they pick their cannabis. One thing I can assure you is that this strain has something to offer for absolutely anyone that consumes cannabis.


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