At Smokey Okies Grow Op, we grow our cannabis indoors and in this blog post, we will explain how we do it. As we have discussed in the past, it is important for dispensaries to be selective when choosing growers to supply their retail shop. Primary among that criteria is that the grower be a reliable producer. However, in order for a grower to have consistent, reliable production, they must have their grow facility operations running smoothly and efficiently.

There are many, many different ways to grow. From organic to hydroponic, there is much diversity among the different methods of cannabis cultivation. Even within a certain method, there is many ways of doing it, with successful results up and down the list. Take hydroponics; there is growing in water, growing in rockwool, and growing in coco coir, among other mediums. And even within those means, there are variations, such as size of rockwool cubes or size of the coco pots (for example, 3 gallon versus 7 gallon).

There are many ways to grow. In this series of posts, we will give a general overview of the process, and point toward things that can make a grow operation successful.

In this series of articles we will cover:

Indoor Cannabis Growing in Oklahoma

Smokey Okies Cannabis is a premium supplier of cannabis flower in Oklahoma. All flower is grown in-door and fed only the highest quality nutrients. We cut no corners when it comes to feeding or supplementing our plants.

Our plants are hang-dried and then dry-trimmed by hand. Our product comes from a clean environment, as our grow team takes great care in maintaining a high standard of sanitation at our facility.

Our company is family owned and our plants get a lot of love – they are overseen daily by our growers, who observe, monitor and care for our plants.

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