Q: Is it easy to grow weed?

A: Yes, growing cannabis is actually not that hard.

Now, growing really good weed, that gets a little tougher. The higher you aim for great quality, the more attention to detail you must give to your plants.

Many new growers will be able to grow weed if they attempt it. But most new growers also discover how easy it is to get bug infestations, and how hard it is to get really dense nugs.

Growing involves getting everything right during the each stage: the vegetative stage, the flowering stage, and the drying and curing phase, the latter being as important as the growing phases.

The purpose of this article is to just touch on the overall topic of growing weed. We will then link to other articles for more detailed discussion.

Is it easy to grow weed outdoors?

When you are outdoors, you have less control over the plant. But because you exert less control, you have less responsibility, and therefore growing outdoors is easier than growing indoors.

Growing weed outside is really dependent on your local climate and environment.

Some locations just have excellent climate for growing cannabis, such as northern California. Other places, like Oklahoma, have really brutal summers and it is becomes much harder, or near impossible, to achieve great quality buds growing outdoors.

But add a greenhouse, and you gain a little bit of control over the unpredictable, extremes of Oklahoma weather.

If you want the ultimate control over your plant’s atmosphere and growing climate, then go indoors where you can grow the best quality of smokeable herb.

Is it easy to grow weed indoors?

Experienced growers will say that growing indoors is the easiest, and growing outside is the hardest, because when outside, you are always in reaction mode. You must respond to changes in the weather. Whereas inside a building, there are no changes in the “weather” except when you adjust the thermostat.

But an experienced grower knows how to control the atmosphere, and how to control it in such a way as to grow the best weed possible. These people are experts and they get paid very well to run commercial grow operations.

However, if you are an absolute beginner, I would flip that advice, and say that growing outside is the easiest and indoors is the hardest.


Because you have no experience yet, and if you have no experience, why would you want to be in charge of controlling everything? Why not let nature do its job and you sit back and watch?

How to grow weed indoors if you are a beginner

If you do decide to grow weed indoors, then that is awesome and I want to encourage you. Just don’t expect it to be easy your first run.

But know that you will get better with practice. Keep growing and watch as you produce absolute fire flower after you’ve had several runs.

If you are a beginner, you will want to dive deep into the articles on this blog. If you commit to reading, learning, and practicing in the garden, you will eventually grow very good top shelf flower.

Is it easy to grow weed at home?

Growing weed at home can be the best reward you give yourself. It is a chore and a hobby all at the same time. But when you reap the fruits of your labor, your friends will be thanking you!

First, check with your local laws that you can legally grow weed at your house.

Next, decide what style of cultivation you want to practice. Growing in soil or one of the hydroponic methods?

Is it easy to grow hydro weed?

Growing weed using hydroponic methods are much harder than growing in natural soil. The reason is that the margin for error is very small.

Soil is very forgiving. The soil feeds the plant all the nutrients it needs. The biggest concern when growing in soil is overwatering.

However, when you grow in coco coir or in rockwool, you don’t have to worry about overwatering. The water runs right out the bottom!

But therefore, you may have to water more often. And your nutrient mix must be just right, like Goldilocks. Too much or too little can ruin your crop.

And when you grow with nutrients, you have to get your water right before you even add anything to it! What is the PPM? What is the PH?

If you have bad water from your municipality, you may have to balance the PH or clean the water through reverse osmosis. All of this can be done, but it adds cost and it adds to your list of chores.

However, what you gain is an ability to really dial in what your plant consumes, how often, in precise quantities, and all of this gives you the ability to really increase the quality of your weed.

How to Grow Weed at home

If it is legal to grow at your house, then yes, you can do it. And we will show you on this blog.

If you follow basic principles, and monitor your plant daily, you will not have a ton of time wrapped up in this new hobby. But you will have to be a consistent manager. You can’t just disappear during the process.

Check out these guides on growing at home.

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