If you want to learn how to grow weed, this series of blog articles will give you an overview of the whole process, the set up you will need, and some of the major decisions you will have to make as far as what style of cultivation.

There will be a lot of decisions to make. But the most important decision has already been made: the decision to grow your own weed at home!

Hey, committing is the first step. Now that you’ve made the commitment to grow your own weed, let’s work through some other major decisions you will have to make.

Decide whether to grow indoors or outdoors

First, select your set up. Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse. In a spare bedroom or in a tent? If you are growing outside, will it be in raised beds, or in the ground? Will you be able to throw a tarp over it, or do you have an actual greenhouse structure available.

These are the types of questions you must first ask yourself.

We will discuss growing indoors, because it is discreet, private, and controlled. And also, because that’s what he happen to do at Smokey Okies headquarters

Decide whether to grow cannabis in soil or hydroponically

The next decision will be choosing how you will grow these plants. Will you grow in soil, or will you use a hydroponic method, such as coco coir, rockwool, or aeroponic hydroponics.

If you are growing outdoors, you could grow in pots of coco coir, which would be a form of hydroponics but using the outdoor sun. This method works best with a tarp or hoop house.

If you choose to grow weed indoors, you may opt for a very simple set up of just a pot of soil and the plant next to a window. Or you can set up a true indoor setup with lights, A/C, dehu, and hydroponic medium with added nutrients.

Our next few articles address these topics:


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