If your goal is to grow weed at home without any type of grow equipment, then you will need to grow outdoors, using as many natural resources as possible. You will still need tools and supplies, but this article will give you some ideas on how to be a minimalist home grower.

What equipment is normally required to grow weed at home?

The question really is about what equipment is required to grow weed indoors. That is because there is a huge difference in equipment requirements between indoor and outdoor cultivation.

What equipment do you need to grow weed indoors?

Indoor cultivation requires a lot more equipment than outdoor or greenhouse cultivation.

Yes, there are basic tools and supplies that will be needed for outdoor cultivation. But indoors, you are literally recreating the natural world, with a fake sun, climate control, humidity control, and even natural gasses.

Here is a basic list of equipment you would need to grow weed at home, indoors:

  1. High Pressure Sodium and/or LED Lights
  2. Air Conditioning equipment
  3. Oscillating fans – you will need to be able to circulate air, as well as apply natural stress on the plants by moving them around
  4. Dehumidification – depending on the size of your A/C, you will still need to yank water out of the air.
  5. CO2 burner – while super common in commercial, this is not really necessary at home. Unless you just want to gain every inch possible.
  6. Individual controls for each of these pieces of equipment.

As you can see, this list can be quite expensive. So let’s see what we can do to minimize this list of equipment.

How to grow weed at home with minimal equipment

You will not be able to grow weed at home without any equipment at all, but you can definitely take mores to minimize the amount of equipment.

At every stage of this process, you will face a decision of more or less equipment. For instance, if you choose to grow in your back yard, you can still decide whether to grow in the ground, or whether to use a raised bed (something you’d have to buy or build).

You could also decide to grow in various sized pots, but again, this is something you would have to buy if you didn’t already own).

Even using either a raised bed, a large pot, or in the ground, you may still want to plant your cannabis seeds in something smaller until you have a rooted seedling. But this does not require much. A red solo cup or other small cup or container works fine. You can also sprout your seeds using the paper towel method or in some Tupperware, and then transfer to your outdoor soil bed.

If you want to grow weed at home without equipment, do not choose hydroponics

By definition, hydroponics means that you feed your plants their required nutrition through enhanced water as opposed to through the soil. To do so, you need quite a few more tools, and sometimes expensive equipment.

You must be able to mix nutrients, measure the solution mix, and even test your water quality. That is because hydroponic nutrient mixes require a certain acidity in order to uptake into the plant. Therefore, your water must have a specific PH level. And to ensure this, you will be constantly testing the PH level for the multiple daily feedings that is typical of hydroponic set ups.

All of this requires tools, supplies, and equipment. But this can be avoided by simply opting for a natural soil cultivation style.

Our next article covers how to set up your grow for the different stages of cannabis growth: seedling, vegetative, and flowering.


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